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Click on screen shot to download (2.22 MB). Requires WILLIAMS FONT.

  • Spell R-E-A-C-T-O-R to activate the REACTOR
  • Destroy PARTICLES by using the striped-floor PARTICLE CHAMBERS
  • Destroying all PARTICLES and activating REACTOR lights LOCK
  • LOCK enables CHAMBERS to split PARTICLES, starting MULTIBALL
  • MULTIBALL: spell R-E-A-C-T-O-R, then SHUT and DOWN for MEGA POINTS
  • During MULTIBALL, Chambers are worth 10K per hit
  • COLLIDER (trapped ball) scores points, lights DECOY, and lights EXTRA BALL
  • ACCELERATOR (small loop) scores KICKBACK and EXTRA BALL by itself, scores DECOY when shot thru SPINNER
  • SPINNER scores 10K per spin when lit
  • CTRL KEY deploys the DECOY
  • DECOY keeps PARTICLE CHAMBERS closed for 8 seconds (hint: MULTIBALL)
  • CYCLOTRON SKILL SHOT worth up to 100K

Reactor is loosely based on the Gottlieb arcade game of the same name. Yes, Gottlieb used the Reactor music in Rock-N-Roll, but the game lacked the heavy metal flavor of its own theme song!

This game attempts, through the odd mechanic of the centerpiece, to implement the concept of a growing, repulsing core. Add to that the two particle chambers and you have an amazing likeness. I took the basic shape of the chambers from the original game, and discovered the balls mimic the physics from the game!

The rest of the design is based on trying to make a useful upper playfield. This required the use of a wall that can drop and setting IsDropped to TRUE upon initializing the machine. I find that once my basic "cool shot" is in place, the rest of the game tends to shape itself, since most of the useful space is now gone.

The Reactor itself is 14 different drop walls. It is timed by several timers. The reason rings are cut in half is that they render entirely in front of, or behind, the other rings. This was unacceptable because its wrong. Cutting them in half allowed a proper order for rendering. The walls do nothing else but go up and down.

The sounds are from the game. When too many of the sounds play simultaneously, the sounds interfere, just like the old game. The Graphics are Paintshop Pro, except for the background. The background, reminiscent of the TRON MCP, was rendered using TrueSpace4. The most impressive artwork is the launch channel. The shading combined with arcs make it look like a half-pipe.