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Click on screen shot to download (2.67 MB).

  • Shoot the Flashing Holes in Order
  • You get bonus strokes if you sink the ball in 3 or less stokes
  • Suffer a penalty stroke for sinking the wrong hole.
  • Run out of strokes and the game is over
  • Complete Hole 18 to win
  • Try to get the lowest score possible
  • Left and Right Flipper controls aim the ball
  • The plunger key will power up the shot, release it to hit the ball
  • Nudges still work, mostly in case the ball gets stuck
  • There are often multiple ways to sink a shot
  • The second tee doesn't cost a stroke to use, and aims +180degrees
  • The final hole is a secret combination shot--can you figure it out?

MiniGolf is not a pinball at all! There are no bumpers, no flippers, no kickbacks. It's all ramps, walls, and kickers. Just proving that really good things can be made that aren't pinball.

What would MiniGolf be without a windmill? Hole 9 has lights that effectively repel the ball (a 1/3 chance) if you time it badly. The VP physics impart enough luck into the game that I left the direction and power indicators on the screen. Power is still iffy, as you have to time it like any good golf program. Holes 14 and 15 are the worst! It was so hard to fit 18 holes into one playfield that I was getting desperate when I made them.

Once again, I utilized my remixing timer from Babylove, using MTV Music Generator for PC to create the music.(See CodeMasters for information). I kept the music low key so you can play golf.

All artwork are drawn by ME! I used Paintshop Pro 6 for the artwork, and TrueSpace 4 for the 3D windmill background.