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Do! Run Run Pinball

Do! Run Run pinball. Click on screen shot to download

There are three modes: Regular, Moving Target, and 2-Ball Multiball.

  • Regular:
    • Spell B-O-U-N-C-E to advance Fruit Bonus Multiplier
    • Bumpers light RUBBER BALL on far left, score fruit value that's currently lit, and increase fruit bonus based on lit fruit value/100
    • Top Loop scores EXTRA BALL when lit, starts MULTIBALL when lit, advances fruit value, randomly lights (50%) MULTIBALL, randomly lights (10%) DIAMOND, and is the hardest shot in the game.
    • RUBBER BALL, when lit, kills one Green Enemy, but can't kill a Snake. Scores E-X-T-R-A letters when flashing to light EXTRA BALL target. When LETTER is lit, starts Moving Target.
    • DIAMOND Lane, when flashing, scores an EXTRA BALL and 200,001 points. DIAMOND is only lit for 15 seconds. The one point is to keep track of how many diamonds scored. If BONUS is lit, scores fruit bonus.
    • LOG Targets kill enemies when lit. Enemies follow you to last log hit (which makes it hard to get them all). Killing one enemy scores 500, two scores 1000, and so on, with all eight scoring 64000.
    • Right Ramp consecutively lights scoring targets. Scoring 10K lights LETTER target.
    • Left Outlane kicks ball back, and light KICK inlanes.
    • Inlanes light KICK when lit.
    • Right Outlane is DRAIN CITY!
  • Moving Target:
    • Hit Flashing Target to score 50000 and lights next letter in E-X-T-R-A
    • Target may randomly move every 10 seconds for 80 seconds
  • Multball:
    • Collect all five Flashing targets for 100000 each, and light JACKPOT.
    • JACKPOT scores 500000, and resets all jackpots.
    • Hint: E-X-T-R-A advances quicker if you alternately shoot RUBBER BALL.
Do! Run Run Notes

I had to set the multiball light and E-X-T lights on for the first ball. The game is too hard without this. The individual Greenies are only worth crushing with a log when there's four of them, but the log gets rid of them fast! The fruit bonus is really high when you get the 800 or 1600 fruits lit. All 8 enemies are worth 128000 in multiball! You can't shoot Snakes because they're harder to hit in the arcade game. Snakes are also the first enemies to follow you.

All sounds are from the game. The Do! Run Run logo and the small pictures of the enemies are from the game as well.

All other artwork are drawn by ME! I had a blast, and surprised myself with the quality.