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Click on screen shot to download (3.67 MB). Requires WILLIAMS FONT for the score and status boxes.

There are three modes: Regular, Quick Multiball, and Multiball.

  • Regular:
    • Knockdown all HEART targets for BONUS MULTIPLIER
    • Hit both WING targets to light KICKBACK
    • Left and right loop targets score COMBO when lit
    • Right Loop scores SKILL shot when lit
    • Red targets light DRUMS and advance DRUM RIFF
    • BONUS scores one of six bonuses to left of table
    • LOCK stores ball when lit for MULTIBALL
    • Center ramp scores COMBO, NOTE value, and advances NOTE when lit
    • Center ramp scores EXTRA BALL, MULTIBALL, and QUICK MULTIBALL (blinking) when lit
    • Right Ramp starts SYNC HURRY UP and SUPER SYNC HURRY UP (blinking) when lit
    • Advance NOTES to 100K to light EXTRA BALL
    • NOTE value of "Q" lights QUICK MULTIBALL
    • SPINNER advances bonus, or scores SUPER SPINNER 5K when lit
    • SPINNER scores HURRY UP value when lit
    • BUMPERS, when all lit or all blinking, lights SYNC
    • All BUMPERS and SLINGSHOT bumpers light SUPER SYNC when synchronized
    • SAVE KICKBACK returns ball to play
    • 1-4, 2-4, 3-4, and 4-4 lights LOCK
    • Blue targets light BASS and advance BASS RIFF
    • Yellow targets light VOCALS and advance VOCAL RIFF
    • Green targets light SFX and advance SFX RIFF
    • Advance any RIFF to light BONUS
  • Quick Multiball:
    • ALL Ramps score 100K
    • SUPER SPINNER is lit throughout
  • Multball:
    • ALL flashing targets score 100K-200K JACKPOT
    • Left ramp re-lights all JACKPOTs
    • SUPER JACKPOT of 1M-2M is scored by getting all JACKPOTs and then scoring left ramp
    • Music randomly REMIXES RIFFS every two bars

This game is hard. To cheat, go into the script, search for "CHEAT" and uncomment the next two lines.

All sounds and music are royalty free! I remixed them under license using MTV Music Generator for PC. Truly a wonderful product. Sounds were reduced to 22KHz Mono to make the game smaller. Singer is credited only as Cathi. See CodeMasters for information. The continuous remixing of the music is what this game is all about anyway.

All artwork are drawn by ME! I used Paintshop Pro 6 for the artwork, and TrueSpace 4 for the 3D lounge background. Overall, my game is very light on the graphics.

Sound and graphics are chores! There is no way around this. I have a new appreciation for software teams, because if someone simultaneously works on sound and graphics, the job gets done quicker.