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Welcome to Sentinel Productions. Home of Amateur Writing, Fan Fiction and General News.

Sentinel Productions v6.0

Sentinel Productions

White-wolf q #2 is available!

Sentinel Productions is bringing you the finest in fan based gaming and writing. Our first fan product was the fictional newspaper, The Sentinel, set in Palladium Books RIFTS setting. The RIFTS Sentinel originally designed to be both fun reading material and an aid to GM's and players alike. The Sentinel is now over. Sentinel Productions has moved toward supporting amateur writing and anime/manga as well as RPG's. So pull up a seat and enjoy...

Our products are designed under various RPG Companies Internet Policies.

The Sentinel Productions team is Paul Record and Family, with help from our many friends. 

News updated 09/12/03

09/12/03: New this month: We have a new page dedicated to Palladium books w/ Material! Find it here! Also new this month is my Demon: The Fallen chronicle. It can be located here! The rest of September will see more Palladium, White Wolf and possibly some of the "on the back burner" stuff added, till then, play hard!


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