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darkened flower buds
I never had a vft flower before,
So im not sure if theres going to be seeds out of theses darkened flowers
closer up of 2nd flower bud?
my plant is strong with 3 smaller vft growing out of its bulb at the bottom
although, I dont want it to stop making flytraps like it did last time a flower stalk grew so im cuttin it off.

well one flower opened, here it is
top view
whole view

just about rdy to open
tip whitening

once again heres april 10, it would be cool if at least one opened tommorow.
closeup buds
closeup stalk

vft flower stalk pictures, looks ready to flower anytime now stalk is at least 4x as big as leaves,
closeup one
closeup two
whole flower stalk

vft pictures for thursday18
my picture1
my picture2
my picture3
my picture4
my picture5
my picture6
my picture7
my picture8
my picture9

pictures of vft thursday mar25
my vft
my vft
my vft
my vft
my vft
my vft
my vft
my vft
my vft
my vft

this non-cp here
non-cp picture10
non-cp picture11
non-cp picture12
non-cp picture13
non-cp picture14
non-cp picture15

N. Madagascariensis pictures
now dont worry the black spots are there since i got it shipped in mail, it came in plastic bag and i dont think it was handled very delicately at all,
whole plant
whole plant
pitcher closeup
these pitchers seem more pink on pic, they are quite red when i see them
another pitcher
bright plant
why no pitchers?
now it seems on the last 3 leaves there is no pitchers, i hope its because of winter