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We the People Unofficial Optional Rules

It seems that the greatest complaint about "We the People" isn't the actual system but some of the combat quirks. For those bothered by the combat you might try one or more of these optional rules.

1) Matching Cards

Not having a card to match a DOUBLE ENVELOPMENT can turn out to be very painful.

I suggest the following. Allow any two identical cards (probe, frontal assault, etc.) to be considered equal to a double envelopment.

2) Gaining Initiative

Variation # 1 The official rules allow a die roll result to help obtain the initiative. I suggest allowing initiative to be gained by discarding combat cards. Each side may discard any number of combat cards, but the side which discards the most cards will have initiative for the next round of the battle.

Variation #2 Another variation would be to allow either player to discard any number of combat cards as a die roll modifier (1 card = 1). If both players discard the same number of combat cards no modification is made. Players place their discards face down, concealing the actual number of discards with their other hand. The number of discarded combat cards is revealed, but not the actual cards themselves. Variation # 3 If a player successfully gains initiative he is entitled to immediately draw ONE combat card and add it to his hand. I like this variation a lot. 3) Loss of George Washington

While I recognize the importance of George Washington in the historical scenario, keeping the troops moving, gathering arms and supplies, etc. I do not feel that a loss of General Washington should Always mean the end of the game. I have to confess that most of the time that I have won the game was because I was able to corner and kill George Washington.

I suggest the following optional rule for those who are bothered by George's demise meaning the end of the game.

I suggest that if George Washington is killed by the British, then he is considered captured by the British and the game continue. George may be redeployed to a friendly location at the beginning of the next turn IF the American player takes two less cards (meaning he will be passing for two rounds of the next phase). General Washington is no longer to be considered to be an actual representation of the Father of our Country, but instead another great leader.

David "the preacher" Wilson Attempting to make the world safe for both churchgoers and gamers at the same time!

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