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The Random Wargamers Club

(Unofficial Website)

The Club normally meets twice per month.


Saturday March 12 at the El Segundo Public Library from 10 am until 4:30 pm

International Tabletop Day, Saturday, April 30 at the El Segundo Public Library from 10 AM until 4:30 PM


El Segundo Library is located at 111 W. Mariposa Avenue in the city of El Segundo.

The Bunker - Hobbies and Games is located at  4812 Paramount Blvd. in Lakewood (The corner of Paramount and Del Amo- in the shopping center behind Carl's Jr.



The club is STILL looking for a more "permanent" or "stable" meeting place where the meetings can be scheduled further in advance and more regularly. If you know of a place that is cheap, please speak with Mark or Alfonzo regarding such a spot!   


Don't let the club's name fool you. A variety of games are played in addition to wargames. A few of the gamers are really into wargames. If you like boardgames, we are sure that you can find and get into a game you like to play. We are very patient with people who are new to a game.  Euro style games are also very popular among our members and only a few of us are actually hard-core wargame people.

We are constantly introducing new and reissued games at our meetings as well as older classics. Our group plays a variety of games and it is always interesting to see what they will bring to the next meeting. The casual board or card games are played, occasionally a collector card game is demonstrated or played, while usually a long wargame or two of some sort is going on.

Some games that were played at meetings include Roll for the Galaxy, Ra, Lords of Waterdeep, Airlines, Dominion, Stone Age, Splendor, Roll Through the Ages, St. Petersberg (both old and NEW editions), The Hell of Stalingrad, Jena 20, Through the Ages, Ivanhoe, Ark, Princes of Florence, The NEWEST Fantasy Flight Version of Merchants of Venus, Combat Commander:Europe, Caylus, Goa, San Juan (NEW VERSION) , Race for the Galaxy, Goa, Puerto Rico, El Grande, Wyatt Earp, Hannibal:Rome vs. Carthage, Sweden Fights On, The Battle of Five Armies, Attilla, and Forbidden Stars (based on Battlefleet Gothic)! 


Some NEW GAMES hitting the tables in recent sessions:

Columbia Games “The Last Spike” is a railroading game that reminded players of Acquire.  A shorter game, but lots of fun.

Ravensburger’s “Las Vegas” is a quick dice rolling and placement game that is interesting and a nice “filler” game because it plays so quickly.

Rio Grande’s “Concordia” is seeing regular play, including some of the expansions.  Easy to grasp game of placement, deck management, and production. 

Kraken Games “Asking for Troibles” A science Fiction Game of gathering goods and upgrading until you have the necessary items to capture the Troibles (anybody see a Star Trek Tie in here)  Light hearted fun.








Members are eligible for a discount from Columbia Games.

Club members get special discounts from Columbia Games. Email Grant for details: .

Tell him the Preacher Sent you!

All of Columbia's wonderful block games are available at a discount to our club members.

     We are definite fans of Columbia's "block" games which introduce an interesting "fog of war" effect. .


Another Discount for members:


The Warhouse

    630 W. Willow Street in Long Beach

        in order to receive a 10% discount

        We wish to thank the Warhouse for its continued generous support of our club!

 Please SHOP at the Warhouse!!!


Please support the stores and the library that help our club by providing a meeting place. You can order games at The Bunker or the Warhouse.

 For more information about the club you can email Alfonzo Smith or David Wilson

Email Alfonzo Smith

Email David "the preacher" Wilson

Hope to see you at a meeting soon!
David "the preacher" Wilson


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