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RIP The Kirby Lands

Active 2000 to 2005; Online from 2000 to 2008

Yes, TKL is now officially dead. I haven't updated since around 2005, and really there hasn't been much going on here since 2004 or even earlier. All the old content of the site is now deleted--you'll have to head over to one of the various internet archive sites to find any of it now.


June 23, 2008--As of today, TKL is dead--Though it's technically been dead for a lot longer than that, today I'm officially closing down the place. Sure, this page will stay up, but there will never be any new content and all the old stuff is gone too. If you still want to see some of my stuff, head over here instead.

8029 people became lost in the Num Warps of the Internet between May 11, 2001 and June 23, 2008. Old counter, still counting: