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Kevin's Comics page

Kevin's Comics page

The World Of Mario Comics

I've decided to make some comics for the enjoyment of the public. With Mario and Luigi as the starring roles in the strips, anything can happen! All comics made in this page titling, "The World Of Mario" are by me, copyright (C) Kevin Zhu 2002-2003. No plagarizing! Enjoy.
If you'd like to use any of these comics, or if you'd like to contribute to my humble collection, please send me an AOL Instant Message, screename "nucleargamer12", or an email, at You will recieve full credit for any contributions. Thanks!

Series 1, #1
An adventure at the casino.
Series 1, #2
Never trust Luigi's salsa!
Series 1, #3
Fireballs come in different shapes and sizes...
Series 1, #4
Sword, anyone?
Series 1, #5

And, here are some contributed comics from other comic-makers:

Megaman To-Go #1
Megaman To-Go #2
Series created by Hubert Yi.

More contributions are encouraged!