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The Battle of Emperor William Bay

Robert Whitfield ran this WWII naval battle game at Fusilier Muster, a gaming convention at Hattiesburg MS on February 17, 2001. A Japanese force was trying to destroy an American screening force so the Japanese could attack U.S. transports lying off the beachead in Emperor William Bay. We used our old 1:1200 Superior models. Photos are by Tim Latham

Japanese Cruisers and Destroyers head north towards the U.S. Forces. Shell splashes bracket a Japanese Destroyer.

The Americans with two light and two heavy cruisers and six destroyers were trying to stop a Japanese force of four heavy cruisers screened by six destroyers. All of the Japanese DDs had heavier torpedo armamaent and heavier gun armament than their American counterparts, and all the Japanese cruisers had ten 8" guns. The Japanese could have fought the battle out of range of the American light cruisers, which would have given them 40 8-inch guns to 18 guns on the American heavies, but both the Japanese closed as quickly as possible.

Two Japanese Cruisers, one under fire are watched impassively by an American player. He is hoping for a critical hit.

Two of His Imperial Japanese Majesty's heavy cruisers maneuver to avoid each other and a small island while two American destoryers and a heavy cruisers are visible among the shell splashes to the right.

American players Larry Reeves peruses the scene while fellow U.S. commander Simpson Whitfield writes torpedo firing orders.

A Japanese 8" gun Cruiser screened by two destroyers fires at the U.S.S. Brooklyn which is surrounded by shell splashes.

What happened? Darned if I know! I had to leave early. When I left, however, the Japanese were well on their way to victory, courtesy of the "long lance" torpedo (the finest in the world, superior to anything produced before or since!). I had fired 12 torpedoes at an American heavy cruiser at medium range and probably that target was converted to an artificial reef on the next turn.

As soon as Admiral Whitfield sends me the final result - you will read it here!

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