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Sets of Victory Conditions for Old West games

When we have played old west skirmish games, these are victory conditions that we have set up for groups of characters. Generally each player controls 3 or 4 figures and draws his victory condtions at random. Sometimes the game-master assigns the conditions. Various actions are worth various numbers of D6 which are rolled at the end of the game to see who got how many victory points.

As we play more and more games, we will post all manner of victory conditions here. Please feel free to steal them, modify them, and if you tell me of any juicy ones, I'll add them to our list.

Posted on March 11,2001

Snodgrass gang - find the stolen military payroll - worth 6 x D6 vp. Also 2xD6 vp every man gunned down!

Snodgrass gang - Kill the sheriff who jailed you last month. - 4 D6 vp. Also 1d6 vp per deputy shot dead.

Snodgrass gang - kill that "duellist" who beat you in that rigged poker game and then shot you in the back when you wasn't lookin! - 4 D6 vp. Also 1d6 vp per person, anybody hangin' round with the "duelist".

Lean Buffalo - Steal a woman for the chief to replace wife taken by mad bear - worth 6 x D6. Kill Mad Bear - 2xD6 vp.

Mad Bear - count coup on whites, worth 4xD6 vp each man touched. Count coup on other indians, worth 1xD6 vp.

Army patrol - recover stolen army payroll - worth 4xD6 vp. Capture the Snodgrass gang dead or alive - 2xD6 vp every man.

Army patrol - 2xD6 vp for every indian returned to the reservation, dead or alive. While you are doing this dirty work 1xD6 vp for each Mexican killed or captured.

The Duellist - Has come back to town to kill the sheriff who insulted and ridiculed him. - 4 D6 vp if he does so. Also 1d6 vp per deputy shot dead.

The Duellist - stranded in this jerkwater town, you might as well have a little fun. Kill anyone who shoots at you or your man-servant (or even acts like it). 2xD6 per kill.

The great lady (and her followers) - survive to write about this in the New York times and repel any assaults on the ladies’ virtue. 5 x D6 if the great lady survives unsullied by rough frontiersmen. (6 x D6 if she is sullied but survives to write about it!)

The great lady and her followers, who are really a bunch of con women are here to rob the bank! - 6 x D6 vp if they get the money and survive. A woman can smile at a man and he will not shoot at her (if at close range, only works once per man).

The townsmen - Rid this town of gunslingers, Mexicans, indians, and others "of their kind'" - 2xD6 vp each. - less1xD6 vp for each townsman killed

The townsmen - Protect your hard-earned investments and work. Protect the stores and the bank. - 2xD6 vp if the bank is not robbed, and 1xD6 vp for each store not looted or robbed. - less 1xD6 vp for each townsman killed.

The lawmen - It's time to clean this town up! 2 D6 vp for each gunslinger, bandit or troublemaker of any kind taken, dead or alive!

The Lawmen - Protect the army payroll which was left in your care. 4xD6 vp if in your hands at game’s end. 1xD6vp for every bandit, indian, mexican, drifter, or rambunctious cowhand shot or jailed.

The Lawmen - Protect the great lady with whom you dallied in her hotel room. 4xD6 vp if she is safe at game’s end. Also 1xD6 vp every bandit, indian, Mexican, drifter, or rambunctious cowhand shot or jailed.

The Cowhands - find a woman and party - 2xD6 vp each woman! - 1x D6 vp each man gunned down. - 1xD6 vp for each bottle of whiskey found.

The Cowhands - Burn down the hardware store which is selling barbed wire to fence in the open range - 3xD6 vp. Also 1xD6 vp for each bottle of whiskey found.

The Drifters - Find some whiskey 2xD6 vp for each bottle, and maybe some women - 1xD6 vp each woman. - 1xD6 vp each man killed.

The Drifters - find the stolen military payroll that rumor says is in town - worth 6 x D6 vp Also 1xD6 every man gunned down, 2xD6 for the sheriff or his deputies!

The Farmers - Burn down the bank so as to destroy all their mortgages - 5xD6 vp.

The Farmers - Kill anybody who tries to rob the bank and take their life savings 5xD6 vp if the bank is intact and unlooted at the game's end.

Los Banditos - Kill the Sheriff and all his deputies who so insulted you last night! - 3xD6 vp for the sheriff and 1xD6 vp for each deputy.

Los Banditos - find the lovely woman who is called “the songbird” and take her back to Mexico for “El Jefe” who has loved her for years - 4xD6. Also 1xD6 for any other women who will go with you to vacation in sunny Mexixo!

Los Banditos - Your weapons are old your men ridicule you because you cannot afford to buy them new rifles or and pistols. You have come to town to "trade in" your old guns and get new ones at the hardware store. Payment? We got your payment right here! 2xD6 vp for every man who "re-equips" at the hardware store and makes it off the table. 1xD6 vp for any horses that you might "pick up" while in town shopping.

Los Banditos - Loot the bank! 6xD6 vp if they get a way with the loot!

Grey Eagle - find firewater - 2xD6 vp foreach bottle taken back to the reservation.

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