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New Products

Astounding Tales! is a snappy, simple set of rules for mayhem, murder and Weird Horror set in the period from the 1920's to the end of the black-and-white B-Movie era: Film Noir, hard-boiled novels, Pulp magazines with Charles Atlas advertisements in the back, that sort of thing.

A world where down-at-the-heel Private Eyes fight vulgar, flashy hoodlums, but also where Heroes - often cunningly disguised by wearing a tiny silk mask, which fools even their closest friends - save the World from ambitious Mad Scientists, laughably inept villains and, quite often, the Germans. A world with garish posters featuring a lot of Colt automatics, green gripping monster hands, and women in far too much mascara and far too few clothes for respectable tastes. It's fast, it's fun, it's lurid.

(Fast women and cheap whiskey not included.)

Astounding Tales! will be available in mid-May, price $25.00 USD plus Shipping & Handling of $3.00 USD in the US and Canada. International shipping will be $8.00 USD.

Larry Brom's latest endeavor, A Glint of Bayonets, is a brigade/regimental level set of rules for American Civil War infantry and artillery actions in 25/28mm. He continues his 47-year tradition of gaming and rules design based on simplicity, playability and enjoyability.

These rules create, to a large degree, the excitement and pageantry of tactical battles of the late War for Southern Independence. The rules are immediately adaptable for 6mm, 10mm, 15mm and 20mm gaming, and require no rebasing or reorganization of exisitng armies. Also includes complete Orders of Battle for Antietam.

The price for A Glint of Bayonets is $14.00 USD plus S&H ($2.00 USD USA/Canada and $4.00 USD International), and they are available for purchase as of December 9, 2003.

We officially Launched the following new rules at Historicon 2003:

"Gunboat Diplomacy," - A major expansion and completion of Bob Duncan's original work by Patrick R. Wilson, the rules cover Riverine and Coastal actions between small warships in the period between 1860-1900. Designed to originally support TSATF, the game allows use of Gunbaots in direct conjunction with minatures land games as well. The rules provide means to "rate" 25mm and 15mm ship models of all kinds, and contain extensive lists of weapon types including torpedoes and mines, machine guns, "Pom-poms", Marines, Boarding Actions, Grounding, Engine Failures, Fire Fighting, Damage Control, complete rules for Abandoning Ship, Rescue of Survivors and eight pages on Native Warships. Price: $30.00US + S&H

"B'hoys!" - A detailed game system, by Chris Ferree and Patrick R. Wilson, based entirely upon Herbert Asbury's "The Gangs of New York". Emphasizing the fluid nature of mob vs. mob street-fighting, and the dynamics of such contests, the rules use specifically designed Action Cards to determine order of movement and cue test points for "Resolve". Rules cover Gangsters, Police and Soldiers as well as Laundry Guards, Barricades, Barking Irons, Irish Confetti, Banshee Screams, Eye Gouging, Biting Attacks and a wide range of street weapons and brawling techniques. Designed specifically for use with master-sculptor Bobby Jackson's (of Thrilling Combat Miniatures) new miniature line "B'hoy's!" which presently offers 40 castings with 60+ additional castings planned. Price: $20.00US + S&H

"Flames in the Punjab" - Written by Mark Stevens and Jay Stribling, this is a radical variant of TSATF/20, which allows for playing battalion-level battles of the Sikh Wars of 1845/46 and 1848/49. Includes tables on Organizations and Formations, detailed uniform information and a page of Scale Measure Rulers for easily adapting to 6mm, 10mm or 20mm play. Price: $14.00US + S&H

Also shown at Historicon was "The Kris and The Flame" by Chris Ferree, a variant for TSATF/20 that recreates exciting Land and Sea Battles between the Trading Powers of the World, "Rajah" Brooke and the Pirates of the South Seas. Order TKATF through July 31, 2003, and receive a 10% discount off the original price of $14.00US as an Introductory Special.

Our other new products appearing at Historicon for the first time (what a list!) were:

An Announcement

And That's The Way It Was is pleased to announce that Chris Ferree, Patrick R. Wilson and Howard Whitehouse are now part of the fast-growing publishing division of the company. They join current designers Larry Brom, Mark Stevens and V. Jay Stribling.

Chris Ferree was one of the co-founders /editors of the web-zine "BY JINGO!" and is the author of such miniature rules as "Rough Riders", "Knights of the Pacific North-West", "Wargaming the Cape Frontier" and "The Kris and The Flame". Chris was also a contributor to the recently released "The Sun Never Sets/20th Anniversary Edition".

Patrick R. Wilson, also a co-founder/editor of "BY JINGO!"and currently sole proprietor of "The (Virtual) Armchair General", is the author of "Mad Dogs and Englishmen" and co-author, with Chris Ferree, of "John Company"and "Sluggers & Crushers/B'hoys". Patrick was a contributor to TSATF/20th Anniversary Edition" and was Editor/Author of the recently released "The Sun Never Sets/20th Anniversary Edition". He is also the Editor/Author of the upcoming "More Gunboat Diplomacy".

Howard Whitehouse is the author of Science vs. Pluck, or Too Much for the Mahdi", "Battle in Africa 1879-1914", "A Widow-Making War", "Honour and Fortune: Warfare in India from The Great Moghuls to The Great Mutiny" and some of the more historical parts of GDW's "Space 1889".

Plans are to first release "Sluggers & Crusghers/B'hoys", "Science vs. Pluck", "John Company", "Rough Riders" and "Mad Dogs and Englishmen", and then to offer to the wargaming community future rules by these very talented and creative desginers.

Please join us in welcoming Chris, Patrick and Howard to And That's The Way It Was, publishers of "all things TSATF" ...and then some!

Regards and Good Gaming, - Lori Brom

From the publishers of
THE SWORD AND THE FLAME/20th Anniversary Edition

Let our friendly sales team (pictured above) enrich your gaming experience with great gaming products!


We want to take this opportunity to announce that the following new product has joined our current rules: "The Sword and The Flame/20th", "The TSATF Scenario Portfolio 2000", "Chassepot & Needlegun" (and eight variants for use with TSATF):

"The Sun Never Sets" - 20th anniversary edition of the TSATF campaign system -


We will post regular updates on these exciting future releases. And if you have any questions, please contact us.

Regards, and Good Gaming!

Lori Brom


  • The Sword in Canada - North-West Rebellion 1885, by Mark Stevens

    Each variant is $5.00 USD plus $1.00 USD S&H.

    Coming soon will be:


    CHASSEPOT AND NEEDLEGUN is back in print after 16 years. An eminently playable set of rules to allow fighting "big" battles of the 1870 Franco-German War with ease and simplicity, they are also designed to put the fun back into gaming with lead soldiers on a table-top. Written for 25/28mm gaming, this reissue of the 1985 edition by Larry Brom is immediately adaptable for 6mm, 10mm, 15mm and 20mm scales.

    Included are useful Pertinent Field Note pages, and the complete and easily readable Orders of Battle taken directly from von Moltke. CHASSEPOT AND NEEDLEGUN is available now for $16.00 (plus $2.00 S&H in the USA & CANADA; or $5.00 S&H/Airmail International.).Visit our site at Amazon's Zshops: for credit card orders or mail a check/MO to our address below.

    OR, You may contact the publisher directly via email at:


    In July 2000, the SCENARIO PORTFOLIO, Series 2000 made it's debut. Created by Larry Brom, designer of TSATF/20th, the "TSATF Scenario Portfolio, Series 2000" is now complete! The four installments were mailed quarterly to the original subscribers. For those who did not subscribe, the four releases are now available as a single, complete entity containing 24 scenarios, 48 maps, various terrain tips, a new FFL variant; " The Sword and The Sand", and much more. This contains 62 pages of colonial gaming material.

    The price is $42.00 USA/Canada and $46.00 International. Postage charges are not included in the above prices.

    Complete ordering information can be found at The Major-General's site:

    The Sword and the Flame

    The original author, Larry Brom, has again acquired the rights to The Sword and the Flame and is currently publishing the 20th Anniversary Edition

    The rules cover the British Empire's colonial struggles with the Pathans, Zulus, Boers, Egyptians, and Dervish.

    The new edition returns to the original concept of single figure bases, but incorporates refinements and improvements suggested by two decades of private and convention gaming.

    Graphics are by David Helber of the Major General's Page, and Unit Record Cards have been designed by Patrick Wilson of By Jingo!

    The edition includes an ALL-NEW Small-Unit Rules Variant for gaming the colonial era on the Dark Continent.

    52 Pages, including Rules, African rules variant, Uniform Painting Guide, Scenery Techniques, and Historical Background, plus Reference Cards, Unit Record Cards, and Roster Card.

    All our fine gaming products are sold directly by the publisher

    TO ORDER, Contact us by email at:

    For further TSATF information please visit the Major General's web site at:

    The 20th Anniversary edition of THE SWORD AND THE FLAME is published by:
    And that's the way it was...
    Builders of historical, miniature dioramas

    To learn more about us, please visit our company web site:

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