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Jackson Gamers' Revolutionary War Battle

The Battle of Bedford - August 1776

We refought the Battle of Bedford which took place on Long Island during August 1776. Our game took place at HobbyTown in north Jackson on September 1, 2001. The American commanders were:

The British commanders were:

General Situation: General Lord Howe has advanced undetected (he believes) around the left flank of the American lines. Approaching the village of Bedford, he has deployed his army to outflank and defeat the upstart colonists. Lieutenant General Clinton is in command of the first line, consisting of:

General Howe is following with the second line:

Looking east toward the British initial deploymnet. The British advanced out of the rising sun, catching the American still sleeping in their camps around Bedford and Bedford Pass. Brigadier General Leslie’s advance guard light infantry are deployed in front of the British first line (left to right) composed of Major General Robertson’s 1st Brigade, Lt. General Clinton’s artillery and grenadiers, and Major General Pigott’s 2d Brigade. You can also see Lt. General Clinton (Jay Stribling) using advanced technology to record his army’s deeds for posterity.

In this picture and the one below, blue lines have been added just behind the foremost American units to give a better (and somewhat sloppy) indication of where the "front" was.

A wider view from the west of the battle field, showing Bedford with Brigadier General Heard’s brigade attempting to rally from their surprise awakening. The Americans received minimal warning of the advancing British, which is reflected by the yellow markers denoting battalions that are still "asleep" in their camps. Major General Greene was asleep in the village when couriers from Jamaica Pass awakened him.

The rest of the American forces - Brigadier General Nixon’s brigade on the far side of the road and Major General Sullivan and Brigadier General McDougall’s brigade between the road and the stream. The wooded Heights of Guan and the northern exit of Bedford Pass are to the right (south).

The Americans have deployed to meet the anticipated British move through the pass (from the right of the photo) and are caught off-guard and asleep (literally) by the enemy.

As the British advance westward, the Americans redeploy to meet them.

Each American brigade had to pass a certain die roll to "wake up" and turn to face the British. The British had hoped to catch most of the army still in their bedrolls, but the American players had hot dice and their forces were all awake by the second turn.

More British brigades, Major General Matthew’s Guards Brigade and Major General Smith’s 5th Brigade, as well as General Howe himself, arrive, as Lt. General Clinton continues to record the action.

As the American forward units begin to take casualties, reinforcements sent by General Washington appear from the west.

In the distance across the road, the British right flank begins to envelop the American defenses of Bedford. In the foreground, the British and American units make contact.

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