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This battle report was written by Jay Stribling and Ed Sansing. In this game Captain Stribling revenged himself upon various scurvy French who had sunk his ship in the last episode of Macho Grande. Msieu Le Admiral the Marquis de Chardonay Sansing's ship was TAKEN by the hearty Britishers.

BUT, can your correspondent put aside his partisanship and need for revenge and write a truly fair narrative of the affair? Of course I can - only a silly Frenchman would even ask such a question! I'll flog the next dog who mentions that previous ship being lost!

We used a variant of the rules from the old Avalon Hill boardgame Wooden Ships and Iron Men adapted by John Stangel. The very nicely painted 1/1200 ships were Langton Miniatures, mostly belonging to John Stangel, and a few also from John Hesselburg.

Photo by Ed Sansing

John Stangel, the game master (in blue sweater) is explaining some points of the game to Sean Pitts (olive seater), Robert Whitfield (checked shirt) & Phil Young (red Jacket).

Photo by Ed Sansing

Here are most of the English Captains, from the left: Jay Stribling, Sean Pitts, John Murdaugh (in background), Elizabeth Hesselburg and Jim Pitts (bending over). Only Fred Diamond is not shown.

Photo by Ed Sansing

Several of the French Capitanes Ken Hafer (standing), Travis Melton(sitting) and Robert Whitfield. Phil Young's face only shows at the extreme right. Not pictured are John Hesselburg and Ed Sansing (taking the photo).

Photo by Ed Sansing

The lead French ship, the Guillaume Tell, was the flag ship of L' Admirale Ed Sansing. A proud and happy ship she was, till she met the perfidious British!

Photo by Ed Sansing

The French line of battle - how carefree they look!

Photo by Ed Sansing

A close-up of most of the French squadron. This is before two of the French commanders managed to run into each other and remain fouled for a turn! The British extracted revenge in this game for thier previous loss to the Frogs. Only one French ship remained afloat and uncaptured at the end of the battle!

Photo by Ed Sansing

A close-up of most of the English squadron. Note that the two closest ships, Captains Stribling and Diamond, have collided.

Photo by Ed Sansing

A view of the French as they navigate around the island. Four French ships are behind the island, those of L' Admirale Sansing, and those of Capitaines John Hesselberg, Ken Hafer and Robert Whitfield. Note that Capitaine Phil Young's ship is on on this side of the island (he was soon to find out this was not a good idea). Admiral John Murdough's British ship is in the foreground and closing in on Capitaine Young.

Photo by Ed Sansing

L' Admirale Sansing turns into the wind and trys to beat back and assist Capitaine Phil Young, as a result L' Admirale is motionless for 3 turns. Capitaine John Hesselburg continued on and ran (literally) into Jay Stribling. In the foreground they exchange a broadside.

Photo by Ed Sansing

An overall view of the battle. Capitaine John Hesselburg and Captain Fred Diamond square off in the foreground. Captian Stribling's ship is in the middle. Beyond him is L' Admirale Ed Sansing' ship. On the left Captains Sean Pitts and Elizabeth Hesselburg fire at long range. On the right Capitaines Ken Hafer, Robert Whitfield and Travis Melton maneuver for position. In the background Admiral Murdaugh and Captain Jim Pitts have caused Capitaine Phil Young's ship to strike.

Photo by Ed Sansing

Captain Stribling's ship in the foreground and captain Sean Pitts on the left are firing on Capitaine Ken Hafer as Capitaine Robert Whitfield tries to get in position to fire. HA - Frogs!


To: Sir John Murdaugh, Rear Admiral of the Blue

Sir - I beg to report on the actions of the HMS Superb, under command of the undersigned, this 4th day of February, inst.

In the company of the flagship, HMS Royal Sovereign, and other ships of the pursuit squadron, we engaged an ill-led French force of some six sail of the line. Assisting the flag, HMS Superb engaged the French Sans Pareil with a devastating broadside, raking her stern to bow and causing her to strike her colors. Leftenant Bush led the boarding party that secured the French ship.

Proceeding on against a second French ship, which had been trading shots with HMS Mars and HMS Africa, HMS Superb again administered the final blow, sinking the French flag ship William Tell. HMS Superb's crew performed admirably throughout the engagement and suffered no casualties from the abysmal French gun fire.

Respectively submitted,

Your obediant servant - James Pitts, Captain Commanding HMS Superb

SO - Who won this affair?

Well strike me sir! Coundn't ya tell? The BRITISH won the battle. They lost only one ship (to be re-taken) and took FIVE Frenchies with one sunk. Of course. That is the way it should be, eh?

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