Jackson Gamers' 25mm Medieval Battle


The Jackson gamers played a medieval game on April 6, 2002. The army of the kingdom of circumfrence was caught unawares, with much of the host off foraging for supplies. A sudden surprise attack by the King of Parallelogram and his army threatened to destroy the camp of circumfrence and to defeat the larger "round" army in detail as it hurried to beat off the attack.

Young spectators

Hobbytown gets a nice flow of customers past the game table. These two youngsters were fascinated by the 25mm mounted troops.

Square commanders marshall their men

Ashley Koostra on the left and Patrick (last name??) on the right move their men forward, aiming for the round's camp.

Close-up of archers in the camp

Archers and crossbowmen await the assault. There were 4 units in the camp, and 6 more which had to set up at least 12" out of the camp. A further 6 units of the 'round' army were set up, at least 24" out of the camp. The rest of the 'rounds' were off-table and had to enter by rolling the turn number or less on a D6.

Round Knights

Some of the knights of Circumferenc await the enemy.

Round spearmen and archers with stakes out front.

The Round Camp.

The Space ship lands

Of course, when the space ship landed on turn 5, that changed the game JUST A BIT.

MY, don't those bugs look hungry!

More to come!

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