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Imperial star destroyers move to succor the stricken super star destroyer.

BASIC SPACE SHIP RULES - Written/adapted by Fred Diamond

POINT BLANK is 6" - 2 to hit
SHORT is 18" -1 to hit
MEDIUM is 36"
LONG is 36"+ +2 to hit
All weapons may fire out to the ranges shown above unless the weapon statistics show a range limitation.

When firing roll D20, must roll higher than enemy's shield value to hit. Check off one hull point for each hit unless weapon statistics show it should be greater. When hull points are gone, so is ship.

Concussion missiles hit out to 18" range.
Proton Torpedoes hit out to 36" vs. NON FIGHTERS ONLY

ION CANNON attacks generate a saving roll. Player whose ship is hit rolls 1D20. If the roll is higher than the roll which generated the hit on your ship, then the attack has failed. If not, then your ship's engines shut down. While they are shut down, your defense rating is halved and your ship's weapons do not work To restart your engines, you must roll 15+ on a D20 at the end of the turn. If you roll that, you may then move and fight normally on the next turn.

Asteroids move! Do not be surprised by this. Remember that the large ugly rock is not your friend!

Ramming may look spectacular but the Empire or the Alliance spent a lot of money training you. We cannot hang a decoration on a few drifting atoms! Besides, your ship was not free! Don't RAM!

Also remember that there are people out there who are more maniacal than Lord Vader. Make sure your wingman isn't one of them. Sith Lords frown on competition!

It IS possible to land on a large asteroid, but who do you think you are? Han Solo? To land on an asteroid or stop inside the field, you must roll 14+ on a D20. Must roll every turn to maintain your position in the field.

On any roll, for any reason, rolling a 1 on a D20 is BAD. Notify the the Game-Master. Do not think about the evil things that may happen to you.

Rolling a 20 on a D20 is GOOD. That is a Hit or a Save, no matter what the rules say. The Game master hopes that you roll lots of 20s this week and use up all of your good luck. He may be fighting against you in the next game!

Fighters may only engage at short or Point-Blank range, except for Proton torpedo attacks.

Ships that move to point-blank range immediately stop and began blowing each other to atoms. Both are locked into position. After one round of this madness you may break away and fall back - not move forward. After the turn of falling back, you may move freely again.

When the Game-Master is looking at you and smiling, watch out! Something evil is about to happen.

It is considered bad etiquette to snicker at someone else's misfortune. The Game-Master has been known to punish bad etiquette.

Be careful with the Miniatures - they only LOOK cheap!

Each type of ship has its own statistics. Here are a few types - there were many more in the game.


Turbo Laser +5 to hit. Does 3 damage points.
Ion Cannon +4 to hit. See special Ion cannon rules

SPEED: 2xD6 inches per turn


  • Front shields = 17
  • Port side shields = 14
  • Starboard side shields = 14
  • Rear shields = 11

Damage Resistance = 1
Point defense = 3

STRENGTH: Hull points = 12

Small Craft ability: May carry up to 6 Tie fighters. May launch 2 fighters per turn.

SPECIAL ORDERS - may do only one per turn, and each only once per game.

  • POWER TO SHIELDS: Increase shield level by 2
  • POWER TO ENGINES: Increase speed by 1xD6 this turn.
  • CRUSH THE REBELS: My ram one rebel ship smaller than yours. Target ship takes hull point damage equal to your remaining hull points. You take damage equal to target ship's hull points.


Turbo Laser +3 to hit. Does 2 damage points.
Laser Cannon +1 to hit. Does 1 damage point.

Weapon Note: Aerofighter targeting ability allows +4 to die roll when firing at enemy fighters.

SPEED: 3xD6 inches per turn


  • Front shields = 16
  • Port side shields = 15
  • Starboard side shields = 15
  • Rear shields = 12

STRENGTH - Hull points = 8

Small Craft ability: May carry up to 7 fighters. May launch only 1 fighter per turn.

SPECIAL ORDERS - may do only one per turn, and each only once per game.

  • DEPLOY FIGHTERS: May launch all fighters on one turn.
  • PACK ATTCK: May combine with other rebel cruisers , all ships fire on same target.
  • SUICIDE SQUEEZE: This ship's fighters may ram enemy ships. Each fighter so ramming does 2 points of damage to enemy.


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