Convoy Battle
Our first game with Battlefleet Gothic

David Causey, a Jackson Gamer who lives near Hattiesburg MS brought his collection of space ships for Games Workshop's Battlefleet Gothic game to Jackson. He was game master for this space battle game played at Hobbytown on October 19, 2002. Photos by Jay Stribling

The convoy, escorted by pirate light units.

This convoy had been "persuaded" by pirate guns and boarding parties to change allegiance. Now the Pirates were trying to get it back to their base.

Imperial heavy units, with escorts out front

Unknown to the pirates, the convoy was bait in a complex imperial operation designed to smash the raiders once and for all. Three heavy forces had been shadowing the convoy. Now the imperial ships were converging from all around the convoy to trap and destroy the pirates.

Special imperial ragefinder at work!.

Jim Pitts (at left) aided by game master David Causey measures the range to the convoy. Space orc commander Larry Reeves looks on.

Collateral damage

An errant energy torpedo made it's way off the game table and destroyed one of HobbyTown's chairs. Larry Reeves was sitting in the chair at the time, but there was no permanant damage to Larry. The chair will game no more!

Chaos Battleship speeds to the relief of the pirates!

An unholy alliance of Space orcs, pirates, and Chaos forces turned up to dispute the Imperial forces. The space orcs did not want the convoy so much as they wanted to take a bite out of the Empire's fleet. The Chaos forces just wanted to blow things up!

Chaos battleship under brutal attack by two Imperial capitol ships.

Two Imperial Battleships blast the Chaos heavy unit. John Switzer was adusting the position of his ship, and the photographer asked him to leave his hand in the shot to give an idea of scale. Note the fuzzy image of one of the convoy freighters in the background with two imperial destroyers grappled with it. A melee was ongoing with Imperial marines trying to take control of the ship.

An asterioid field shows in the lower right corner of the picture.

The Trap closes!

Imperial heavy units with three excorts speed towards the convoy.

This is how you do it!

David Causey (game master - standing) makes a point about the rules. Imperial captain Bill Estes pays close attention. Space Orc captain Jim Woodrick wonders when the football game starts.

Ship captain at work, conning his vessel.

Jim Pitts carefully moves his ship, while Ed Sansing (standing) and John Switzer look on.

An Imperial capitol ship zips past the blazing Chaos Battleship.

This was the last heavy unit that had a chance to reach the convoy freighter which was being boarded by the Imperial light units. When it was reduced to a burning hulk, the raiders lost heart.

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