Jackson Gamers' 25mm Medieval Battle

Save That PIG!

This fierce combat was played with parts of the 25mm armies of Jim Pitts, Robert Whitfield and Jay Stribling. The history of enmity between the kingdom of Circumference (Figures mounted on round bases or with round labels) and the Dukedum of Parallelogram (Figures mounted on square bases or with square labels) goes back to when no man can remember.

This particular battle was initiated when Fred "The Firm" Diamond led a Circumferential raiding party across the border and carried barrels of beer which he presented at the castle of the King of Parallelogram as a gift to his guards. Later that night, when everyone was drunk, Fred and his men spirited away the Queen of Parallelogram, her personal maid, and the king's prize pig.

The next morning, when this treachery was discovered, Baron Robert "The Evil" Whitfield and his trusty band of retainers rode after Fred and his men. Their orders from the King were, to bring back the Queen and her maid if possible but at all costs - BRING BACK THE PIG. Because all the streams in the neighborhood were too swollen to cross back into Circumference, the raiders were forced to make a stand near the hunting lodge of the king of Parallelogram.

Both sides were mainly mounted troops, and most of those were knights. BUT - the raiders had a secred weapon! The wizard Wilfred had accompanied Fred and his raiders (tied onto his horse, some said), and now he stood ready to use his magic to enwrangel and otherwise confuse the forces of Parallelogram. There were no magicians in Parallelogram.

But WAIT! Accompanying the hard-riding forces of Baron Robert was Bishop Rupprecht of Ruritania, a powerful cleric of Reformed Church of Parallel. Could his prayers offset the magic of Wilfred? We will see won't we!

Russ "The Great" Schnieder watches his Knights go in!

Circumfrence reserve Knights moves to the carnage on the right.

Circumfrence, the Knightly cavalry of the right.

Bowmen of Circumfrence behind field works in the center

The Leader of Circumference used up two peasant units to build field fortifications blocking the center of the board, from the hunting lodge to the central hill. Behind these he placed a yeomen archery unit. In the hunting lodge, he placed a halbardier armed unit. On the central hill he had archers behind stakes.


Parallelogram Knights smash enemy halbardiers

Jim Pitts notes that: "At one point, the enemy halbardiers garrisoning the villa attempted to attack our right flank. A unit of Larry's knights and what was left of a unit of my men-at-arms routed them without much effort. My two men-at-arms continued the pursuit while Larry's knights returned to the main battle."

A lone Knightly survior

Paralellogram Knights move fwd on the left

After a vicious see-saw action lasting 5 turns, Parallelogram won on this part of the field, (the left side on the map below) mainly though attrition. At the end of the battle, the paralellogram forces were closing in on the center of the Cicumference forces, their minds fixed on one thought (PORK!).

The Parallelogram high command

Left to right: Luke "The Grasping" Brister, Robert "The Evil" Whitfield, Russ "The Great" Schnieder - all powerful barons of Parallel.

The Cleric Rupprect set up in front of these three, firing his prayers across the field in deadly combat with the wizard of Circumference. Both used fireballs on turn one and the central hill was cleared of the Cirumferential archers and their stakes. These flaming men routed and were never recovered. The heatblasted knights of Paralell did rally after losing one man and horse.

On turn three, after fervrent prayer by Rupprecht, the Magic-user of Circumference slipped into a 4-turn deep angelic slumber and so Paralellogram had superiority in the Magical arena. They used it to some advantage, increasing the effect of their bows, and rallying rounted units. By the time the Cirumferential Wizard woke, refreshed, the battle was lost.

Early on the Right Flank

Looking from the "Round" right rear, fresh masses of Knights push the Parallelagram forces back. Their success was not long-lived! Eventually, as Jim Pitts writes: "Larry Reeves & I combined to force the crossbowmen back and, after several turns of fierce combat, almost completely destroy the enemy knights.

Late in the action, Ashley detached a unit of knights from his command in the center and it provided the final reserves needed to overcome Bill Estes' and Brian Thompson's knights. We ended the battle facing just bits and pieces of about 3 or 4 knight units and had at least 2 and maybe 3 of our kinght units completely intact."

Ashley "The Rapacious" Koostra committs the reserve for Parallel

Ashley commanded the reserve and was able to clear the central hill by bowfire after the Cleric's prayers called fireballs to rain from heaven on the defending archers of Circumference.

Bill "The Pious" Estes moves his archers

This archery unit started on the Circumferential right flank, safely (they thought) behind stakes which would help them against cavalry. But Larry "Squint-eye" Reeves launched his mounted troops right through the stakes! Aided by hot dice, they forced thier way to the archers who had to fall back! They tried to get into the hunting lodge, but all the doors had been secured by the garrison and so they took cover in a small orchard behind the lodge.

The Field of Battle!

The purple Square overgrown with woods at the top is the ancient ruined monastary. The forces of Parallelogram entered the table from that side. The red square slightly to right of center is the King of Parallelogram's hunting lodge. The forces of Circumrference deployed in that and alongside it, extending left and right to the table edge. The single orange lines with points facing the parallelogram forces are the stakes of the archers of Circumference. They offered a substantial bonus on the defense against enemy mounted forces and some defense against the enemy foot.

The double orange lines with red in them are field fortifications built by the impressed local peasants. They were impenetrable to horse, and offered a substantial bonus on the defense against enemy foot. The High ground is outlined in gray. The hills were not high enough to be a serious impediment nor a serious defensive position.

Just before this game, each player rolled a D20 and consulted the "List of Names". This gave each player an "authentic" middle ages nickname. You know, something like "Charles the Bold" or "Richard the Lionhearted".

Here are the "KNOWN AS" names of the Jackson Gamers:

Christian NameKnown as:Christian NameKnown as:
Jay Stribling The Strong Bill Estes The Pious
Robert Whitfield The Evil Larry Reeves "Squint-Eye"
Phil Young The Bold Fred Diamond The Firm
Jody McDonald The Plunderer Brian Thompson The Drunkard
Luke Brister The Grasping Ashley Koostra The Rapacious
Russ Schnieder The Great Jim Pitts The Little

More to come!

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