Our 25mm Rennaissance Game

Struggle in the Rain

Using our Pikes and Gendarmes rules derived from the old Brom Standard rules - as are so many of our rules sets

Played at Hobbytown in North Jackson, November 20, 2004

In the late 1400s and early 1500s, the French Kings tried to conquer Italy. The Holy Roman Emperor and the King of Spain (often the same man) fought to prevent this. The flower of the young men of France and many, many hired mercenary soldiers perished in the attempt. France was never able to maintain the temporary conquests that they made, from time to time, in Italy .

This game represents a smaller action in those Italian Wars. The Game-master was Jim Pitts, but the scenario was designed by Jay Stribling. This is not usually a good situation but Stribling, who was responsible for this game, was unable to be there for the entire time of play, so Pitts admirably volunteered - actually he was drafted! Jay wrote this battle report.

This game was played with exactly the same forces as our previous two Renaissance games The Imperialist Defense. It took longer, however, because on our miniature battlefield, it began to rain. Many MANY years ago when this fine group of gamers were the Mississippi State University Wargames Group, we experimented with weather rules. To a man, we hated them! Desperate to generate a scenario, and intriqued by the idea of the Swiss marching irresistably forward in the rain, Stribling decided to revive the weather rules.

John Murdaugh, Sean Pitts, and Robert Whitfield were the imperialists. They were set up on the field, defending the town of DeNovo and the crossroads to the east. The French, and their mercenary Swiss pikemen were gamed by Ed Sansing, Bill Estes and Mark Gilbert. The French/Swiss forces were on the field, surprised by the Imperialists, and were not in battle formation.

Photo by John Murdaugh

A view just after the setup of the forces was completed. The clouds were low and medium gray but no rain yet. The players did not know what was goint to happen.

Photo by John Murdaugh

Stribling taking a photo as his cavalry clashed with the French horse under Phil Young. Sean Pitts in gray shirt advances his imperialist foot while Robert Whitfield, in checked shirt, seems content with the way things are going. This is probably the first turn.

Photo by John Murdaugh

Imperialist Landskneckt pikes advance past the small Italian town of Pasta.

Photo by John Murdaugh

Imperialist rieters attack with pistol fire, a unit of Swiss Pikes.

All of our Renaissance figures are on single-figure steel bases. We mount these on magnetized stands which hold three mounted figures or five foot figures. Originally we used The Sword and the Pike rules which were more of a skirmish set and the figures were individually based for that.

From time to time, we have thought of remounting the figures on multiple-man bases, but as soon as we do that, we might need individual mounted figures again!

Victory Points were awarded for:

The town of DeNovo: 4 x D6 die's score of victory points
The Road Junction: 3 x D6
Each enemy unit driven from the field or in spent/routed at games' end: 1 x D6
Each enemy gun in hand at games' end: 1 x D6

The Forces Involved

The French/Swiss forces:

Three units (12 figures each) of Gendarme Heavy Cavalry
Six units (20 men each) of Swiss Pikemen
One unit (20 men) of Gascon Pikemen
Two units (20 men each) of Gascon Arquebusiers
Three heavy guns (2 crewmen each)

The Imperialist forces:

One unit (12 figures) of Gendarme Heavy Cavalry
Three units (12 figures each) of Reiter pistol-armed Cavalry
Five units (20 men each) of Landsknecht Pikemen
Three units (20 men each) of Landsknecht Arquebusiers
Four light guns (2 crewmen each)

Who was the victor in this game?

The Imperialists won the game, overwhelmingly - 66 points to the French troops' 18 points.

Lots more photos to come in this battle report!

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