Peter Pig RCW Sailors - Painted by Eric Burgess
FIGURES for the Russian Civil War

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5/6mm FIGURES:
Some Notes by "Lekw"

...As probably the only 6mm guy on RCW the list, I have to get my two kopeks in. Why not 6mm? You can build up some large forces and almost everything you need is available. I admit that it will take some effort, but with painting conversions and some mixing between Iregular Miniatures and Ros/Heroics Miniatures, you can have armored cars, machine gun carts, tanks, trains, Reds, Whites, British, French, Germans and all the rest. I use almost all Ros/Heroics stuff for the period (you can see several photos above and a more few pictures in the folder titled '6mm' in the RCW list's photo section) and for the Russo-Polish War. If anyone is convinced or interested I could send some more pictures or lists of what I use for the forces in 6mm.

"Lekw" (his nom de plume) has sent three installments of photos in this scale. Perhaps he can provide specifics as to which figures in which lines that he uses.

Reviewed by Jay Stribling,

I have not seen these figures, but on the Russian Civil War discussion list, a list member reports that Pendragon now has a 10mm WWI range, including Russian figures. The infantry and machine guns are available now, but not the cavalry and artillery. Prices quoted so far are (Australian Dollars):
Infantry $7.50 - 30 figures
Cavalry $7.50 - 15 figures
Heavy Machine Guns $3.20 - 3 guns & crew
Artillery $ 4.50 - 1 gun, crew & limber

Reviewed by Jay Stribling, additional commentary by Eric Burgess

PETER PIG. There are several series of useful figures, but the MOST useful is that of PETER PIG. The range includes both World war one and quite a lot of specialized RCW units and equipment. These figures are made in England, and imported by BROOKHURST HOBBIES. Everyone has a different option about Brookhurst. I have had both good and not-so-good experiences with them. Click on the name above to view the Brookhurst Hobbies 15mm figures page.

Above photos show Peter Pig WWI Russian infantry - Painted by Eric Burgess
Eric Burgess writes "I just finished four companies of Red Army Lettish Rifles using Peter Pig's 15mm Imperial Russian infantry. I used Bryan Stroup's wash technique for painting the figures and I think they turned out marvelous."

Eric also comments on the Peter Pig mounted figures: "I like PeterPig's cavalry trooper, but I HATE the horses. They look like large dogs to me. I will get some of the Red Cavalry to make a unit or two,but I will put them on the larger Minifig horses. The Czech Legion pack is FANTASTIC! Highly recommended! I completely bought out Brookhurst's selection at Historicon. The Sailor Infantry are also very nice.

MINIFIGS makes a most useful WWI range that is still in production in England but not in the USA. Clay Cooper, one of our former members, reports that MINIFIGS USA is selling imported stock. Click on their name for their home page. Eric Burgess writes that MINIFIGS Crimean war range has useable figures also: "Caucasian Cossacks and Russian Line Dragoons in great coat waving sword (used for Reds orWhites). I consider these to be MUST HAVE packs. Other strange bits you can use: Napoleonic Prussian Landwehr (strip off their backbacks) and Napoleonic Russian Militia (male and female) another MUST HAVE pack for the RCW."

(Jay Stribling says:)I like the WWI Russian and British cavalry figures and the Russian infantry and MGs, but the the Russian firing and advancing foot figures are with tremendous loads of blankets, equipment, tent poles and cooking kettles on their backs. A lot of stuff for the little guys to carry. The Russian "Guards" figures are in long coat with fur had, rifle loosly carried over right shoulder. I also use the British Infantry, firing and advancing, but usually snip and file off the British style back-packs. Minifig artillery pieces are a bit more slender and petite than the Peter Pig guns, but also a bit less expensive.

A Tchanka, led by some cavalry (both by Peter Pig) is supported by Infantry (Minifigs). Photo by Jack Radey, who also painted these fine men. You can see more photos of 15mm figures, Minifigs, Irregular, and Peter Pig, painted by Jack if you click here.

IRREGULAR miniatures: (Reviewed by Eric Burgess) This is a really nice range of figures. The cavalry is FANTASTIC and the infantry comes in lots of different attire. Note that these figures are a little taller than Minifigs or Peter Pig, but can be use to add variety or in their own units. Russians Colonials: The infantry are at attention despite the description of them as "advancing". They make great "guards" for command stands or officer stands. Not much action here. The Russian Colonial cavalry is in a peakless hat. Great looking figure with a lot of character. Could be used for "Colorful" cavalry units or as regularcavalry. The Russian Colonial Cossacks are nice with two different poses in greatcoats and larger fur hats. Nice!

Irregular makes the BEST Russian MGs on the market in 15mm!!! Just throw all the others away. The MG crew come in peaked cap or schlem (pointy hat).Some with great coats on, some with them wrapped around themselves, and some with no great coat. A great variety. Three MGs and crew come per pack. The best part is that they are all kneeling, no laying down figures!

Infantry Advancing - OK figures. Great variety of equipment, but the port arms rifle position leaves something to be desired. Siberian Infantry Advancing - now this is a great advancing figure. Perfectfor the Siberian front in the RCW. All in great coats, most with fur hats, and some with the peaked cap. Infantry standing and kneeling firing - I think these are some of the best Russian figures around. Some figures have the schlem, some the peaked cap. Some are wearing greatcoats while others are not. The figures have quite a variety of poses. Could be used as Reds or Whites(without the schlem). I will be getting more of these figures.

Irregular British WWI: I have not seen these figures, but since the White armies were heavily supplied with British equipment and uniforms you could easily mix thesefigures in with no trouble.

SILVER EAGLE WARGAME SUPPLIES is the authorized US dealer for the Irregular line. Click on Silver Eagle's name to go to their web site.

FEUDAL Miniatures has a line of 15mm WWI figures, many of which will translate to the Eastern front/RCW. Here is what Eric Burgess said about them regarding their size, relative to Peter Pig figures: " I'm holding a Feudal Casting German LMG figure (standing) and a Peter Pig German LMG figure standing side by side. They don't really look too similar. The Feudal castings are nice figures, but they are taller and have much bigger heads than the PP figures."

The images above are of some of the 15mm WWI line from the Feudal Miniatures web site.

BLOODAXE miniatures: has a First World war line which includes Russian troops. This company had ceased production but as of late 2004, Mike Tabor of HistoriFigs in California has part of this line back in producton. His announcement states: "we will begin producing Lance Runolfsson's Bloodaxe miniatures here in the US. Our first figures out the gate will be WWII in 15mm (Infantry, Vehicles, Tanks and Equipment). Others will follow. The first figures (Russian Infantry) are in molds and in stock - if you want a jump on these, drop us a line." The WWI figures have not showed up yet, but presumably they will be produced as molds are completed.

Our UK and European friends may wish to obtain these figures from East Riding Miniatures. Tony Barr is producing the Bloodaxe line in the UK.

I have seen the "old production" figures and they are quite usable. The infantry seems to be a trifle larger than the Minifigs, but the Cavalry, which are one-piece castings, should fit in quite well. I am glad that these are available again.

TRUE NORTH Currently has a range of Early WWII including Poles that can be used as Poles for the Russo-Polish War of 1920. These figures are very nice. Great detail and variety. Future projects had included an RCW line which now seems to have been cancelled or postponed. The entire line had become hard to get, but new ownership or new capitol has apparently changed this.

I was able to purchase some of these items at HISTORICON 2004 and I believe that Dave Perrin is now the owner of this line.
Some useful items for the RCW or Russo-Polish gamer are:

RANK & FILE: (By Eric Burgess) I've used some of the Russians in my armies. It is a hit and miss situation as to suitability. I've got the Russians in greatcoats (hoods over their heads) and the Russian Guardsmen defending. I also have some of the Russian light cavalry in peaked caps. Just adds more variety! (Note by Jay Stribling) RANK & FILE are manufactured and sold in the USA by BATTLE HONORS USA. Click on that name to go to their catalog page and order forms.

Peter Pig RCW - Officer of Naval infantry - Painted by Eric Burgess

FRONTIER MINIATURES (By Jay Stribling) This line has several items in their colonial range that are usable. They make a Russian Cavalryman and a Sailor that I have painted up for my army. Also, they have a line of 15mm figures for the Canadian Rial rebellion that are Royal Northwestern Mounted Police in Fur caps and overcoats mounted, and dismounted. They are good for any forces in the Archangel area. These figures are in production again (as of 2006) in Florida, but I do not have an address. I have seen them in convention.

Orion's new RCW Cavalry Army 20mm (1/72nd scale) plastic figures


Henry Lubbers says that for those who game in 20mm scale, vehicles for the RCW can be found in large numbers at Reviresco. A brief review by Henry of quite a number of their 1/72nd scale models can be found by clicking HERE.

On February 28, 2004, Paul Ireland noted on the Russian Civil Wars discussion group that:"...fellow RCW20mm gamers would be interested to know that Emhar has released their long awaited Whippet tank. Hurrah! Now we whites can race across the table at 8mph to crush the mighty Soviet armies."

Emhar also has 20mm British Mark IV Tanks, male and female.

On October 19, 2003 Steve Blease posted a note on the Colonial Wars discussion group that:
"Strelets have announced a large number of new sets for ...the Crimean War of 1853-56. To illustrate their commitment to this new range Strelets have published details of their first 10 sets, which are:

Some of these will be of no use to RCW gamers with 20mm armies, but some sets may well contain very usable figures.

B&B RCW Mounted officers from the B&B web site

B&B Miniatures: Eric Burgess writed about these figures: "I have only used these for the RCW in 20mm. They are well sculpted with little or no flash. All figures are excellent, except that you get quite a few figures laying down, which I don't find very useful. The "bad" figures are the Czech Legion. They are all in Adrian helmets! I'm sure there were some in Adrians, but most wore the soft peaked cap. That was a let down. Other than those points, the range is outstanding. The cavalry come with seperate arms which is always a challenge, but allows quite a variety of poses".

On the Russian Civil War Yahoo group, Thomas Hillman writes: "B&B RCW Polish range:


RRP 1 - Polish Infantry in cap,
RRP 2 - Polish Machine gun & crew in cap,
RRPA 1 - Polish 77mm Gun & crew in cap,
RRPA 1a - Polish Limber & crew in cap,
RRP 3 - Polish Infantry in helmet,
RRP 4 - Polish Machine gun & crew in helmet

The B&B website is: .

The figures are also available in the USA via Brookhurst Hobbies.

The infantry above is what I would call early to mid-war figures. They come in either the "Cap" or "Helmet". "Cap" is the square topped soft cap. "Helmet" is the German or Austrian type.

The figures come with 2/3 wearing backpacks and other without. The backpacks are a mix of German and Austrian. These figures are clearly supposed to represent the Polish Legion of the Central forces now in Polish service.

Figuress for Haller's Legion should be purchased from the French range and those formerly in Russian service from that range.

Not available are figures of the new Polish army wearing a khaki uniforms with rounded service cap (ref. Deryabin's RCW Intervention forces), however most other sources state the soft czapka. In the latter case the above ranges in "cap" could be purchased and painted a khaki-green like the WWII color.

RRPC 1 - Polish Cavalry in cap,
RRPC 2 - Polish Cavalry in czapka,
RRPC 3 - Polish Cavalry in campaign dress.

I believe the "cap" is the same as the cap above and good for all lancer regiment. Give them all the lance arm option. Every Regt. had a different pennant color, which can be found. Unform is khaki or fielf-gray. Collar tabs like the pennent.

As to the "Campaign" and "Czapka" I have totally lost my mental image of these. The one with the tall stiff cap "Czapka?" is not of much use since it is suppose to be from the early "1st Polish Legion Regt" in Central Power service. Perhaps it is good for a change and color, but otherwise it is a parade or early war uniform. The figure is grossly large anyway.

If the "campaign" is a round cap, then it is good for the "Polish Chassuers" or light cavalry. Gives them all swords of rifles in that attachable arm. Uniform is khaki or field-gray. Collar tab like the pennant.

No good reference exists for which divisions wore what uniform. The Weilko-Polish and Legion appear to be in German style. However, Haller's Legion screws up that thinking with his being in French uniforms.

As 1920 moved on these were replaced by Polish uniforms. Perhaps "Tumbling Dice" figures fill in at that point."

Tumbling Dice have a line of 20mm World War I figures imported by BROOKHURST HOBBIES. I have not seen them but several persons on the Early Modern Warfare list have reccomended them. Tom Downs wrote on that list "Tumbling Dice makes good-looking Russian troops". Norbert Hofer similarly wrote: "Ive seen them, good work definitely".

IT Miniatures RCW Red Infantry. Photo from the their web site

IT Miniatures have an extensive line of 20mm figures which is imported by THE TIN DICTATOR in Hampstead NH. There are some photos on the gallery at the IT FIGURES web site. There are both a WWI line and an RCW line with many MANY useful and tempting toys for the 20mm RCW enthusiast. IT Miniatures is owned by Lancaster games. Mark Stevens of Columbia MS has some comments.

"The figures come in packs-3 infantry or 3 cavalry per pack-horses sold separately.

Overall these figures are not bad with the cavalry being the best."

Henry Lubbers uses plastic 20mm figures in his 20mm RCW armies. he writes "The nice thing about the 20mm range is the number of plastic troops you can fit in. HaT's Napoleonic Cossacks are a good case in point. About half my cavalry, red and white, come from the B&B Line - good figures but pricey. HaT cossacks come 12 per box for about $7.00, about 1/3 or 1/4 the price of lead. There are three basic styles in the box. I admit it, they are not a perfect match for RCW cossacks but the differences on the gaming table are small. The horses come with their own stand atached so there is no tedious gluding. I can afford to flesh out my B&B cavalry and achieve some mass spectacle. HaT figures are slimmer than the robust B&B line but I keep the two lines separate in their own units. Click on Hat Industrie to go to this manufacturer's home page.

Mark Copplestone's "Elite Bolshevik" infantry in 25mm - photo from the Mark Copplestone Figures web site.


Mark Copplestone has released his first packs of wonderful figures suitable for RCW in his new line:THE BACK OF BEYOND - Daredevil Adventure in the 1920s. As Mark describes the figures:

Episode One: The East Ablaze - Genghis Khan Reincarnated, Mongols with Machine Guns, Chinese Warlords, Dinosaur Hunters, Bolshevik Armies and British Agents...

Usable RCW packs (as of late 2002) include:

Lots more to come, it seems!

"At the geographical centre of all this is the Chinese province of Sinkiang...For wargamers it's colonial plus WW1, with everything from aircraft to Tibetan tribal cavalry, via submachine guns and matchlock muskets. Conveniently the guys at the Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Co. already make the tanks and armoured cars, and have a set of rules, "Contemptible Little Armies", by Chris Peers. Strangely enough, it was an article about the "Mad Baron" by Chris , who I didn't know at the time, that gave a twist to my existing interest in the Russian Civil War....

Mark Copplestone's "Bolshevik Commissars" in 25mm - photo from the Mark Copplestone Figures web site.

The armies I plan to cover (eventually) are:
White Russians
Chinese Warlords

As well as basic troop types there will also be plenty of character packs - including some generally useful 1920s types like "Jolly Good Chaps", "Innocents Abroad" and "Beastly Huns",".

The packs that I have seen are gorgeously made, and quite large, at the 28mm "Hefty" size of the "25mm world". If these had come out before the 15mm guys, would I have ever raised 15mm forces?? All the gamers who have seen these figures give them fantastic reviews!

Eureka Miniatures in Australia have released Russian Civil war troops in 28mm as part of their WWI line. Among the items useful to RCW gamers are:
Russian three horse Tachanka - crew in caps - 100HBC20a
Russian three horse Tachanka - crew in schlem - 100HBC20b
Russian mounted officer in cap - 100HBC21a
Russian mounted officer in schlem - 100HBC21b
Maxim MG and Russian crew in cap - 100HBC22a
Maxim MG and Russian crew in schlem - 100HBC22b

The Eureka Tchanka

More to come - we hope!

Battle Honors makes a line of 25mm WWI Russians. I have not seen these but I have heard several good reports about their WWI line. As of the 4th quarter of 2003, this range consists of:
WWIRU-01Russian 1914-15 - Company Command $11.00
WWIRU-02 Russian 1914-15 - Infantry Advancing $11.00
WWIRU-03 Russian 1914-15 - Infantry Skirmishing $11.00
WWIRU-04 Russian 1914-15 - Maxim Machine gun and crew $11.00
WWIRU-05 Russian 1914-15 - Battalian Command $11.00
WWIRU-06 Russian 1914-15 - Field gun with Crew $11.00
WWIRU-07 Russian 1914-15 - Cossacks with Command $11.00
WWIRU-08 Russian 1914-15 - Cossacks with command (4 riders and horses) $11.00
WWIRU-09 Russian Regular cav with cmd $11.00
WWIRU-10 Russian Reg Cav - $11.00

I believe that the Infantry packs contain 8-10 figures, which would make them quite a bargain.

Photo of some of the 25mm HLBS figures from their web site

The "Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company" make an extensive line of 25mm Russian Civil War figures. They were discontinued in 2002, but have been re-released. I saw some of this fine manufacturer's goods at HISTORICON 99 and saw the RCW line at BAYOU WARS in 2002. Their resin cast vehicles are VERY nice. These figures were imported by: RLPBS and I understand that they are available again. Shown above is a photo of a few of the 25mm HLBS castings!

Click HERE to go directly to the HLBS Russian Civil War figures page. The list is extensive. If I had more money, more space and any time to paint at all, I would definately do this war in 25mm. You can paint the sneer on the commissar's face in this scale!

Old Glory also has Russian WWI line in 25mm scale. The figures may work well for RCW whites (or perhaps reds with a bit of work). Apparently there are 10 figures, mounted or dismounted, per pack.

WWI-600 Russian WWI Infantry Command Summer Dress $10.00
WWI-601 Russian WWI Infantry Advancing Summer Dress $10.00
WWI-602 Russian WWI Machine Guns and crews Summer Dress $10.00
WWI-603 Infantry Command Winter Dress $10.00
WWI-604 Infantry Advancing Winter Dress $10.00
WWI-605 Machine Guns &Crews Winter Dress $10.00
WWI-608 Cavalry Summer Dress $27.00
WWI-609 Cavalry Winter Dress $27.00
WWI-610 Cossack Cavalry - Fur Caps $27.00

Comparative photos of different figures
for the Russian Civil War

Irregular Miniatures 15mm. Colonial Russian dragoons.

The image above and the seven immediately below were sent to me by Eric Burgess.

Figures on the left are the Irregular 15mm Russian MGs
on the right the ever sturdy Minifigs
15mm. machine guns, on the left Minifigs, on the right Peter Pigs
Two of the different Irregular 15mm Russians firing.
15mm. Minifig, Peter Pig, and Irregular Russians standing and firing
Good shot of the Irregular 15mm. Russian Colonial Dragoons from the front.
The same from the rear. Note the wrapped rifles!
Irregular 15mm Colonial Cossacks

Bloodaxe 15mm infantry. We tried to get pictures of several Bloodaxe Russian WWI figures but focus problems defeated us. This is the only one that remotely came out. It will be replaced as soon as I get a better one.

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