Jackson Gamers' Russian Civil War Game
Spoiling the White Offensive

We fought this 15mm game on April 20, 2002 using our RED AND WHITE rules. The Whites were on the offensive, attempting to sieze the village of Terblitz, and move units off the far edge of the table. They were assisted by the armored train "General Markov" and an aircraft with bombs and machine guns.

The Reds were to hold the village and make spoiling attacks to the flanks of the white forces. They also had the services of an aircraft.

Unknown to the Bolsheviks, one of their brigadiers (Larry Reeves) had decided to take his forces over to the Whites. This happened on turn 2, depriving the Reds of almost 20% of their army.

In spite of this shattering blow, the Red machine guns piled up the White dead in front of Terblitz. Enterprising Red sappers pried up two rails, causing the White armored train to hesitate, then slowly withdraw. When we counted points, after 6 turns, the Reds won the game with 51 points to their opponents' 42.

The Red aircraft flies over the White rear areas, bombing and strafing.

On both sides, the aircraft were real killers in this game. Dicing for experience gave both sides "ace" pilots who bombed what they aimed at and pressed in to point blank range with their machine guns!

Another view of the Red aircraft.

Although the Red aircraft did great damage, the reinforcement plane failed to materialize. If this aircraft did as much damage as the first, it would have been deadly.

The Red Players

From left, Phil Young (staring intently at game table), Bill Estes (giving old Russian "thumbs up"), Ed Sansing (in blue - the Red aviator). Standing are Larry Reeves in White (The traitor!) and Mark Gilbert in a suitably red shirt. Ignore the heads down at the bottom, they are merely white scum!

the White players

Left to right, Tim Latham (leaning over board), Jim Pitts (checking the rules) Fred Diamond, Bryan Thompson. Not shown Rick (?), Robert Whitfield (only in game for one move) and Larry Reeves (The Traitor!).

The second White assault on Terblitz

This was the second (and successful) White attack on Terblitz. Six infantry units, well supported by artillery and machine gun fire stormed this village, destroying the two defending Red units. What is not shown is the harvest of bodies that the red rifles and machine guns had taken from this and the previous assault. Long range artillery fire directed by comrade Bill Estes savaged the white attackers on the left, as they came over the railroad tracks.

The defense of Terblitz won the game for the Reds, giving them 51 victory points to the Whites' 42.

busy hands advance the forces!

Rulers flying, the White players advance on turn three. No red fire disturbs their ranks - yet!

The "General Markov" armored train advances.

This shot shows the train just entering the game table. The White train commander (Fred Diamond) has yet to place his gun and machine guns in the lead cars.

The White aircraft being flown (Aviator: Jim Pitts)

The white aircraft makes a bombing run on comrade Phil Young's Red cavalry units. The White airplane was a deadly as the Red, with an ace for a pilot. Another airplane for the White army might have changed the victory points enough to let the White's win. However, a Red sabateur kept the second aircraft from taking off, thus denying the Whites their most potent weapon.

Another close-up of the White aircraft.

White infantry in the advance.

Bryan Thomson commanded these infantry that worked to the west of the railroad line. Supported by the General Markov armored train, these soldiers cleared the wheatfield of Red Infantry, then two units attacked into Terblitz from the west, while the remaining men formed a bulwark to defend the White left flank.

White Cavalry in the woods on the right flank of the White forces.

These men under the command of Tim Latham advanced on the eastern (right flank) edge of the White army. They could have possibly exited some units from the northern edge of the battlefield to earn victory points, but were savagely set upon by comrade Mark Gilbert's cavalry. Mark drove Tim's men back, denying the Whites another chance at victory.

Red Cavalry and Armored car advance!

This was Phil Young's command, moving forward - aproximately turn 4. Phil caused the two left-most of the White infantry to turn to face him, but he could not get his armored car into effective range.

The Whites' advance Photo by Tim Latham

This picture is aproximately turn two,showing the White advance from their right flank. This is the open flank that would have been attacked by the turncoat Red, Larry Reeves, if he had not changed sides. The steam tractor on the left is towing a heavy howitzer.

Early in the game Photo by Tim Latham

The White advance guard's Cavalry sweeps forward, about turn one. Red infantry has just popped up in the wheat field, firing into the cavalry's flank.

Cavalry assault on Terblitz Photo by Tim Latham

The first, hasty assault by the whites, the penetrated into the streets of the town, but were shot down by the Reds in the houses.

Armored Train, viewed from the White's right flank Photo by Tim Latham

A blurry shot showing the advance of the train "General Markov" and the White cavalry just in front of the train sabering a few hapless Reds in the wheat field.

White commander gestures impatiently Photo by Tim Latham

Note the parade-ground appearance of the White infantry. This changed when they heard the sound of the Reds' machine guns.

Red Cavalry, drawn back after the unsuccessful assault. Photo by Tim Latham

White cavalry trots over the rail line, north of Terblitz Photo by Tim Latham

Note the red banner at the edge of the town of Terblitz, on the extreme left of the image. The reds still held out. This is about turn 5.

Cavalry of the traitor! Photo by Tim Latham

The forces of Larry Reeves, who did not take too much part in the fighting, after he went over to the White side.

Red commander Phil Young glares across the battlefield Photo by Tim Latham

Note the steely glint in the eyes of the Red General! Could it only be the camera's flash? NO - it is the flash of exploding shells! The stomach in the slightly-too-small red shirt is your humble correspondent, Jay Stribling.

Red Cavalry in a Surprise attack Photo by Tim Latham

Red horsemen concealed behind the woods north of Terblitz remained undetected until they stormed out and defeated the White horsemen.

More Red mounted troops Photo by Tim Latham

Looking south, along the western edge of the board, two more brigades of Red cavalry emerge from concealment.

Final Assault on Terblitz Photo by Tim Latham

The successful White infantry attack, viewed from the eastern edge of the game board. Red banner still flies in Terblitz, but not for long!

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