Playsheet for 15mm Ancient Galley game rules

Ramming: (2 averaging dice)
11 The victim is cut in half and sinks instantly
10 Victim holed and ships four loads of water
9 Victim holed and ships three loads of water
8 Victim holed and ships two loads of water
6-7 Victim holed and ships one load of water
1-5 No effect

Ramming modifiers:
Add one if the rammer is moving at ramming speed
Subtract one if the rammer is moving at slow speed
Subtract one if the attack is made between 60 and 30 degrees
Subtract two if the attack is made between 0 and 30 degrees

Plugging holes: (one attempt per ship per turn)
Sailor succeeds on a roll of 5 or 6
Anyone else succeeds on a roll of 6

Grappling: (one attempt per unengaged man - maximum distance 2 inches)
Grapple catches with a roll of 3,4,5, 6 (two grapples required to hold a ship)
Cutting grapples succeeds on a roll of 4,5,6 (all grapples must be cut to escape)

Ranged weapons:
BOWS*0"-6" hits with a 5, 66"-18" hits with a 6
BALLISTA0"-8" hits with a 4, 5, 68"-16" hits with a 5 6
16"-24" hits with a 6
CATAPULT0"-9" hits with a 5, 69"-18" hits with a 6

*Bows kill on a roll of 1,2,3,4;
bows disable for two turns on a roll of 5,6,7
Armor adds one to the die roll
Oar Sections
Speed 5 4 3 2 1
Slow/Back water 9" 6" 3" -- --
Cruising 15" 9" 6" 3" --
Ramming 24" 15" 9" 6" 3"

You MUST move full speed for each "speed band" which you are in

Morale: (Check at the beginning of each turn - two combat rounds per turn)
If attackers outnumber defenders by two to one the defenders will surrender
If defenders outnumber attackers by three to two the attackers will retreat

Without a leader the attackers will retreat if they are outnumbered by any amount

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