The sleepy town, before the game starts..

Chockablock full of supplies, rail cars, trucks, wagons - a looter's delight! Suddenly Red forces appear, from the front and both flanks! Can the Whites hold out? Not likely!

Our 15mm Russian Civil War Game

The Struggle for Pulyevna

Played at Hobbytown in North Jackson on January 17, 2004

Jay Stribling was the game master. Photos were taken by Ed Sansing unless otherwise noted.

Some of the players

Mark Gilbert, white defender, on left. Jay Stribling, game-master in center (scratching himself!). Robert Whitfield (White player) on right. Jim Pitts face (Red commander) can be seen on the extreme right, along with an unidentifiable nose.

Another view of trhe town and the supply trucks lined up.

Orientation: North is to the right of the photo. This is the direction from which most of the Red forces approached. A small red Cavalry force, reinforced with artillery approached from the east, the bottom of the photo.

Another, stronger Red force of infantry, approached from the west, at the top of the photo. The Red commanders had tried to envelop the White forces, and they very nearly succeeded.

Red cavalry and artillery enter the field

close-up of Red Cavalry attacking a "colorful" White unit

"Comrade Whitfield" (on left, seated) and "Comrade Pitts" (Red commander)

They are listening intently to something that the game-master is saying.

"Comrade Bill" in tan sweater regards the camera with a steely eye!

Bill Reiman (center in photo) commanded the western arm of the Red forces in their pincers movement. Travis Melton (on left) wearily surveys the battlefield. Jay Stribling, the game-master (still scratching himself) provides wit and wisdom (!?) for a female onlooker.

The Red attack from the North

Comrades Robert Whitfield and Jim Pitts have moved their cavalry commands toward the center of the White town. They had the greatest distance to cover and the Whites had a defense in depth that might have stopped the Reds. The eastern and western pincers of the Red attack meant that the Whites had to pull their center forces back, and the opportunity to keep the Reds out of the town was lost.

Red Cavalry and artillery push against two White infantry units.

These Red Cavalrymen and their artillery, under the command of Rick Loveday, approach from the lower right. This was the eastern pincer of the Red generals. Mark Gilbert commanded the Whites on this front. He slowed Rick down, but could not stop him.

Travis Melton (extreme left) watches "comrade Bill" measure his move.

Bill Reiman moved slowly and deliberately, using cover whenever possible and slowly pushed Travis back.

Red Cavalry overhauls two white model T Ford cars trying to escape.

A "colorful" white unit stands by impotently after their fire failed to stop the cavalry. This is from the eastern pincer of the Red attack.

Red and Whit cavalry mix it up in a great melee in the center of the table

The Reds came out on top of the two large cavalry actions in the center, as the cavalry forces of "Comrade Jim" and "Comrade Whit" were more numerous and boldly handled. There were three Red Tchankas (Machine guns on carts) and that also helped give the Reds an advantage. However these forces never got close to the town. The eastern and western pincers ensured a White withdrawal.

SO - Who won?

The Whites won on points. They managed to remove a number of the supply trucks from the board, although some were over-run by the Reds. The rail cars remained in White hands, but were immobile (no locomotive) and if we had played longer the Reds would have captured these too.

The Whites had to roll a 6 on a D6 to start each truck and then it moved quite slowly, but they proved to be expert mechanics. Eight units either exited the board or were about to and several more had a good chance at being gotten to safety. The Whites won on points, but they had to bug out!

The rules that we used for this game: RED AND WHITE

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