A large and lusty Viking wins a philosphical discussion with a Saxon over the ownership of pork chops still on the hoof.

Our 25mm Dark Ages Skirmish Game


Played at Hobbytown in North Jackson, November 18, 2000

John Switzer was the game-master of this truly hillarious game. This tested a man's ability to "Get there the fustest, and steal the mostest."

Jim Pitts, Jay Stribling, and Lucy Whitfield were the Norman players. The Saxons were Larry Reeves, Brent Voorhes, and Phil Young. Bill Estes, Robert Whitfield, and Sean Pitts were Vikings. David Causey was the headman of the small village upon which the other nine players all descended, every man for himself, each looking for a good time. Photos were taken by John Switzer.

The happy little village as the alarm has just been given! Peasants try to hide cattle and other valuables. Greedy Raiders are advancing through the woods all around the little village.

A Viking war band stands at the brink of the river - but they hesitate? For three turns the savage "scourge of god" warriors stood on the bank of the river and howled for Saxon blood and plunder. Finally they forded the river - less their leader who had drowned. He was decked out in such fine armor, he could not bear to toss it aside to swim, so he sank.

Saxons leading away a pair of oxen are attacked by an axman who wants those tasty morsels for himself!

Norman light infantry ush forward screming, in the attack.

Some of Larry Reeves' Saxons finish off a melee near the main entrance to the villiage.

A group of Saxons tries to bar the way of a Norman force crossing the river. The Saxons want all the plunder for themselves. A Norman crossbowman to the left waits for a good target while more Norman infantry advance along the other side of the river looking for just the right place to cross.

A Viking-Norman melee near the main entrance to the village. While this was going on, Jay Stribling's Norman surviviors slipped into the village, on the trail of Lucy Whitfield's Norman force who had dug up the village's carfully hidden stash of golden trinkets. Both of them were menaced by Robert Whitfield's sole surviving Viking - a huge man with a huge ax! Just like a soap opera, this installment of the Viking/Saxon/Norman/Pig Wars ended suddenly. But who won?

The villagers won. In spite of the fact that two of their cattle and all of their gold were stolen, the villagers saved enough cattle, all their sheep and all of their daughters to come out ahead in the victory point total.

Victory Points were awarded for:

  • The village's Gold - 50 pts.
  • Each enemy soldier killed - 10 pts.
  • Each cow - 10 pts.
  • Each sheep - 10 pts.
  • Each woman - 10 pts.


  1. David Causey (the village people) - 190 points
  2. Sean Pitts (Viking) - 180 points
  3. Bill Estes (Viking) - 170 points
  4. Jay Stribling (Norman) - 150 points
  5. Robert Whitfield (Viking) - 120 points
  6. Phil Young (Saxon) - 100 points
  7. Brent Voorhes (Saxon) - 90 points
  8. Lucy Whitfield (Norman) - 80 points
  9. Larry Reeves (Saxon) - 70 points
  10. Jim Pitts (Norman) - 70 points

A great time was had by all. We eagerly look for to more trips back to the dark ages - when "Men were Men, and Pigs were Money!"

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