The Battle of Millerski

Part 1 - The West

The Jackson Gamers played this game on January 8, 2000

A view across the table before combat began. Nothing in sight but the winter landscape. Looking east down the rail line towards Millerski.

A veiw more along the ice-choked river, still looking east towards the town. Grey clouds on the horizon hint of more snow.

A close-up of Millerski, looking north-west as the Bolsheviks appear on the hills in the distance.

Columns of Red cavalry prepare to ford the icy water while colums of infantry head towards the town in the background. Those red dice really stand out against the snow!

Two cavalry melees on the southern side of the river. Three times the Bolshevik horsemen forded the icy river losing men and horses each time due to the frigid water, each time the white cavalry threw them back with loss. Finally, the white cavalry were the masters of the western end of the battlefield.

Another view of the cavalry actions on the western end of the field.

Just before the 3rd (and last) time the Reds crossed the stream.

But then the monster arrives. The Red armored train "Hammer of the Proletariat" arrives with Machine guns and artillery pieces blazing and completely reverses the situation to the West.

Now the White riders have to flee in terror. They carry no weapon which can injure the Behemoth.

The armored leviathan steams down the track, the White cavalry being powerless against it. The White infantry guarding the railroad bridge will have nothing to stop it. Only the Canadian field guns in Millerski can hope to stop it, but wait - Millerski has fallen to Red infantry! See page 2 of the Battle of Millerski for more.


Attention Heroes of the Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army

The start of our victorious offensive is at hand! Your 85th Division will have an important part to play. Your part is to cut the supply line of the reactionary foreign-backed Czar-loving whites who wish to return to the evil days of the past.

You have three brigades which have been infiltrated through the woods during this relatively mild winter.

  • The 1st Brigade (to the North) consists of 4 units of cavalry with 1 machine-gun tchanka.
  • The 2nd Brigade (in the center) consists of 2 units of cavalry with 1 machine-gun tchanka, and one unit of infantry.
  • The 3rd Brigade (to the South) consists of 5 units of infantry with 2 machine guns.
Divisonal troops are one battery of artillery (3 sections + HQ section) and one unit of sailor infantry with the red banner. Two other units may hold a red banner, and 3 commissars are available to stiffen the troops. There is an officer for each brigade and a commanding officer for the division.

Your objectives are to Sieze the town of Millerski, and the Railroad bridge to the west of it. In addition, if you can occupy the railroad west of the bridge, that will aid our loyal troops in preventing the reactionary forces from evacuating their ill gotten gains from this district. Armored train support may be available and if so will come in on the line from the West if it arrives at all. (It arrived on turn 8 and promptly swung the balance of the game)

Regrettably, ammunition for the artillery may be limited. Our loyal comrades on the supply lines have worked till they dropped, exceeding expectations by 137%, however a plot to sell ammunition to the Czarists was detected. Although party troops have liquidated the conspirators, there may not be enough ammunition for the guns to fire effectively. ( The Red guns had only enough shells to fire for two complete turns).

All power to the soviets!

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