Pueblo Diablo
Our New Years' Day game - January 1, 2002

The Jackson Gamers played the first 2002 game at Mark and Martha Stevens' home in Columbia MS (actually in Mark's totally unheated garage). The companionship was warming even as the concrete floor chilled our toes. Photos by Anna Stevens.

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As the game develops

Left to right Vince Clyant, Russ Schnieder, Jay Stribling, Ken Hafer, Bill Estes. The road ran the length of the 6' x 12' table, but to shorten the game, all units set on along the 12' sides.

An Austrian Hussar of Maximiliano spurs his horse

Unfortunately for Senor Hussar, the two Juarista lancers and the rifle-armed caballero made short work of him!

"The peasants are revolting!"

Revolting indeed! Don't they EVER wash! Actually the nice brown wash on these hardy sons of the soil is quite attractive. They rush forward into the meat grinder that is Pueblo Diablo!

The victory conditions of El Supremo - The Juarista Commander in Chief:
Move the arms and explosives in the 4 wagons, off the edge of the board anywhere within 12" of the road's exit point.

Must be market day - the town is quite crowded.

Maximilianos move in from the right, Juaristas from the left. The French troops reached the town first and established themselves in the less ruined of the two buildings. The Juaristas were not able to push them out. Note that the 4 wagons are in the town!

Jim Pitts writes: "Actually the Mexicans got to the town first. Sean's two regular units are in the house to the right while some of my irregular units are in the house to the left (the ruin). The red-coated guys in the middle are a turn-coat unit in French pay" (Note the contempt for the Mexicans in service to Maximiliano - Jim was a Juarista in this game!)

The Cavalry fight on the French left The contra-Geuerillas have rushed into the town and siezed the wagon train>

Jim Pitts writes: "This image is the fight between the right flank Mexican Cavalry (under Larry Reeves) and the left flank French cavalry".The Belgians and the 83rd de ligne are storming the hacienda defended by the 3rd Mexican infantry. The Marine sharpshooters blew up 2 mules (drew King of spades - twice! - when firing into the enemy) & several juaristas. They, the Egyptians, and turcos supported the town assault.>

The victory conditions of General de' Brigade Gerard - Commander in Chief of the Maximilianos:
Capture the arms and explosives cached by the insurgents on the field. Destroy the insurgent force said to be in this ugly valley and even uglier town.

Russ Schnieder's forces in the attack!

This shows Russ Schnieder's Mexican forces attacking Jay Stribling's French units.

Confused fighting in the town.

Sean Pitts' regular Mexican infantry hold the left-hand house but are under heavy attack by the French. Jim Pitts' irreguarls are charging through the ruined house trying to get at the turn-coats in French service who hold the pack trian in the stret between the two houses.

Other units of Jim Pitts' are in the open ground in front of the village fighting the French troops but getting leery of the French cavalry riding round the left flank of the Jauristas.

Jim Pitts writes; "The gamer in the tan jacket was one of our Mexican commanders - a friend of Ken Hafer and vicne clykant. he commanded the Mexcian units on the reight center fo our line with Larry Reeves' Mexican cavarly beoynd him on the right flank. Sean Pitts had the center, while I was on the left center. Russ Schieder held our left flank."

Mexican Regulars on the defense

A close up of Sean Pitts' Mexican regulars defending the house against the French hordes. Unfortunately, they all became heroes of the revolution, dying to the last man! Viva Mexico!

The Flag bearer

Jim Pitts writes: "This is a close up of the flag bearer in one of my irregular units as they closed on the French infantry to the (Mexican) left of the town.

Line up there men!

Mark Stevens, French commander-in-chief, adjusts some of his troops surrounding the town, while two of the Mexican commanders, Sean Pitts and his dad Jim, look on, awiting their turn to kill some more French and free thier country from Maximilliano's domination.

Russ Schnieder, a Mexican commander, moves his units closer to their foes as Jay Striblng and Ken Hafer, French commanders, look on nervously.

Although each commander-in-chief, El Supremo and Brigadier Gerard THOUGHT that he knew what he was fighting for, each of his subordinates had his own agenda for victory. The game-master (Jay Stribling) had typed out a set of special objectives for each player, long before he knew who would game each character. In many cases the subordinate leaders had victory conditions which were in opposition to their commander-in-chief's objectives. Indeed, none of the players really knew what the others on their own side were fighting for!

View the SECRET victory conditions of each player!

Just a bit more to the right...

Jim Pitts angles the cannon so the grapeshot fire cone will get the most Frenchmen in the beaten zone. Jim said that "It did not do much good as the French were able to take part of the town and sieze the pack train (one of their objectives).

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