Mayhem in Wheat City

A game played by the Jackson Gamers, August 7, 2004

Photo by Ed Sansing

Main Street looking east. The cameras of the day have a hard time with moving people. Notice the photographer on the sidewalk in front of the short branch. I believe that photos of this chaos signed by the survivors, were available for sale, the next day.

The bright green dot on the base of the blurry character closest too the camera were used in a new movement system that the Jackson gamers tried for the first time in this game. Each figure had a dot of green, blue, red, white or yellow on his base. When the green token was pulled out of a small bag, then all the figures with green dots could move. When the red token was pulled, all the figures with red get the idea.

The Good Guys

Played by Jay Booth "The Sheriff"

Monroe (the Sheriff ) is fast as a fox.
Billy (a deputy) is ordinary
Barty (a deputy) ordinary
Motivation: You hate the Snodgrass gang and they hate you. You don't give a darn about the saloon or the Burps
Player earns points by:
Each Snodgrass jailed or killed 2xD6 points.
Each Mexican or Drunkard jailed or killed 1xD6
Prevent any robbery; 1xD6 each for Bank, Cattlemen's poker game, Hardware store
HOW DID HE COME OUT? The sheriff and his deputies put down a number of bad men and earned 15 points.

Played by Jay Booth "The U.S. Marshall"

Frederick (the Marshall) is fast as Greased Lighting
O'Faherty (a deputy - ordinary)
Callahan (a deputy - strong as an Ox)
Motivation You are here to help the sheriff keep order - by the way - you hate Mexicans. You do not give a spit in Hades for the cattlemen's association and could care less if their poker game gets interrupted or not.
Player earns points by:
Each Snodgrass or Mexican jailed or killed 2xD6.
Prevent any robbery 1xD6 each for Bank or Hardware store
HOW DID HE COME OUT? The Marshall and his deputies were assailed from many sides and only won 2 points.

Photo by Ed Sansing

An overhead view of Main Street looking west. You can see some of the Snodgrass boys or their cousins hanging out around the hardware store.

Photo by Ed Sansing

Law men are looking down the alley, keeping watch on the Snodgrass boys. There was a well-founded rumor that the Snodgrass boys were up to no good (as usual).

Hard, Bad, Men

Played by Robert Whitfield "The Snodgrass Gang"

Kid Snodgrass (Fast as a Fox), Albert and Lamar have all vowed revenge on the sheriff for killing your cousin. Any other lawman of any kind you will shoot just like you step on a spider. You might as well rob the bank while you are in town.

Earns points by:
Clean out the cash box at the hardware store 2xD6 points
Steal the Army Payroll 5xD6 points
Rob the Bank 5xD6 points

  • Kill the Sheriff: 3xD6 points
  • Kill any other lawman: 2xD6 points
    Kill civilians or Indians: 1xD6
    HOW DID HE COME OUT? The Snodrass Boys earned 15 points.
  • Played by Robert Whitfield "The Snodgrass Cousins"

    Wilbur (A dead shot), Edgar and Temple have tagged along with the other Snodgrass boys looking for fun. A little larceny, a little murder, and if you could abduct the schoolmarm or any other woman from the Hotel or Saloon, life would be just fine!
    Earns points by:
    Each woman stolen 3xD6 points
    rob the Bank 5xD6 points
    Each bottle of whiskey stolen: 1xD6 points
    Each lawman killed: 2xD6 points eacj
    Anybody else killed, 1xD6 (you won't shoot a woman - unless she says no)
    HOW DID HE COME OUT? The Snodrass Cousins also earned 15 points.

    Photo by Ed Sansing

    Fighting has broken out and there are people down in the street and sidewalk.

    Photo by Ed Sansing

    An overhead view of the saloon. Two of the shootists are down along with an Indian. Another Indian is trying to get to the liquor through the last shootist and a drunk is trying woo a barmaid. I would like to stress that the Shootists were just lounging in the saloon waiting for the payroll to show up so they could relieve the Army of it's weight.

    Suddenly Indians burst in through the windows, looking for liquor. Since they were between the Indians and the bar, the Indians attacked them. I'm sure that if only the Indians had asked, they would have moved out of the way. BUT NO!! They weren't even given that chance and by the end of the 2nd turn two of the Shootists were dead and the other hit (just pinked).

    Not such good guys

    Played by Sean Pitts "The Drunks"

    You are 3 in number, Robby Lee, Daniel Harvey, and Powell Hill, and all of you are drunk as lords. All shoot at -1 to the die. All fight at -1 in hand to hand. All may shrug off the first wound that they take (except "Kilt") because of the alcohol in their system.

    Earns points by:
    Each peace officer killed: 1xD6
    Loot the cash box at the hardware store 2xD6 points
    Steal whiskey out of a saloon. 2 D6 points per bottle
    Invite a woman out for a long ride in the country and get friendly with her: 2xD6 points
    HOW DID HE COME OUT? For looting and shooting peace officer, they got 33 pts.

    Played by John Hesselberg "The Burp Family"

    The brothers: Wyatt (Greased Lighting), Virgil (Fast as a Fox), & Morgan own the Saloon, and are silent partners in the Hardware store and the Livery Stable. The Sheriff defeated Virgil for office in the last election, You think he would look good measured for his coffin.

    Earns points by:
    Keep the Saloon, Hardware and Livery from being looted. 3xD6 points each
    Pick up spare cash lying about: 2xD6 points.
    Each Sheriff, deputy, drunk, or Indian killed: 1xD6
    HOW DID HE COME OUT? The Burps were involved in the cauldron that developed in the saloon and earned only 14 points - mainly because the Livery stable wasn't pilfered.

    Photo by Ed Sansing

    A look at some other stores in town. A dead Mexican on the sidewalk

    Photo by Ed Sansing

    The stagecoach with the payroll arrives in a cloud of dust

    Photo by Ed Sansing

    The Sodbusters arrive in town. Led by Ma "Shotgun Mama" Piers, they are bent on teaching the merchants in the hardware store and Feed & Seed store not to try and take advantage of them by charging high prices.

    Photo by Ed Sansing

    Billy (a deputy) faces off against one of the Snodgrass gang. The Preacher stands nearby pleading for non-violence

    More Bad Men

    Played by Jay Stribling "El Rojo and his brothers (Mexicans #1)"

    Yourself and your brothers Escamillio, and Gomez are here for money - get it any way you can. You are mounted and may ride into town from whatever edge that you choose.
    earns points by:

    • Rob the Bank or take the army payroll: 4xD6 points each.
    • Cash boxes from Saloon or Hardware: 2xD6
    • Each Lawman or Indio killed: 1xD6

    HOW DID HE COME OUT? Poor El Roho blew himself up and his brothers only got 8 points.

    Played by Jay Stribling "Manuel and his cousins" (Mexicans #2)

    Your two cousins, Roberto and Jesus have come with you to support "El Rojo", but what you all really crave are new guns. You can acquire these at the hardware store. You could pay for them but sadly, you have no money.

    • Earns points by:
    • Each Gun acquired - any way - 2xD6 points
    • Rob the Bank or take the army payroll: 3xD6 points.
    • Loot cash from any other store
    • Each Lawman or Indio killed: 1xD6 points

    HOW DID HE COME OUT? Everyone shot at Manuel and his cousins! Solo quatros pointes!

    Played by Ed Sansing "The Shootists"

    Cleese (greased lighting)
    Chapman (Fast as a fox)
    Palin (a dead shot)
    Motivation Three quiet men, seeking a quiet town - with money. They will steal any funds available, the ride quietly off and invest them in the stock market. They remain in thye saloon till shooting starts. They can exit from front or rear. They have contempt for the Snodgrasses (Amateurs!) and will shoot them on sight.
    Player earns points by:
    Each Snodgrass killed 1xD6.
    Loot Army Payroll: each saddlebag 4xD6
    Clean out Bank 4xD6
    HOW DID HE COME OUT? The Men in Black were in the saloon and never made it out - no points.

    Photo by Ed Sansing

    The Burps arrive at the saloon. Since they hold a majority ownership they try to keep the Drunks and the Indians from running off with the money and liquor. Chaos ensues and building's single room, never large in the first place, is jammed with gunmen, floozies, bodies and drunks. Note the drunkard in the bottom left of the image, raising a bottle.

    Photo by Ed Sansing

    The Cavalry escort arrives to help secure the payroll. The street is littered with bodies.

    More Good Guys

    Played by Ed Sansing "The Cattlemen's Association"

    Sterling ordinary
    Davis a dead shot!
    Filmore Strong as an ox
    Motivation Are lounging in the Feed Store when the trouble starts. Your primary interest is to safeguard the feed store and the hardware store
    Player earns points by:
    Not having the till in the feed store or hardware store looted or any guns stolen from the hardware. 4xD6 points for each those.
    Each Snodgrass or Mexican jailed or killed 4xD6.

    HOW DID HE COME OUT? Ed's Cattlemen received 16 points.

    Played by Sean Pitts "The Merchants"

    There are Three of you: Paul, Peter, and John, all trying to keep the Feed store, Hardware store, Livery Stable and the saloon intact. You can place figures in each store or on the sidewalk in front. You have a non-player character in each store. He won't shoot till somebody fires at him or draws in the store. You won't shoot first till somebody fires within 6" or one of your buildings, or you are fired at.
    Earn points by:

    • Each store intact (un-robbed) at the end of the game) 4xD6 each store.
    • Each Bandit, Mexican, ir Indian killed: 1xD6

    HOW DID HE COME OUT? for keeping the livery and Feedf store intact and for judicious shooting of the bad elements, the Merchants won the game with 42 points!

    Photo by Ed Sansing

    The Banditos make a play for the payroll. El Rojo decides that in this game, there is no reason to blow up the bank. Instead, he will blow up the stagecoach! Then he will pick up the payroll at his leisure and saunter out of town.

    It does not quite work out that way. A a quick-thinking trooper picked up the sizzling dynamite bundle and attempted to toss it back. After the shattering explosion, the smoke drifts slowly away showing El Rojo dead in the street!

    Photo by Ed Sansing

    El Rojo's dynamite goes off right next to the horses and not under the coach as planned. It still wreaked havoc among the people (and horses) in the street. The coach remained intact with the money (and later the Army Lieutenant) safely inside.

    The Sojers

    Played by Jim Pitts "The Lieutenant"

    You have your own figure plus Corporal Garry, and Private Owen. You are here to safeguard the payroll coming in on the stagecoach. You will naturally help any lawmen.
    Eachy saddle bad of payroll funds (there are two on the stage) in your posession 4xD6
    Kill any Indians bearing arms 1xD6
    Keep the Hotel from being invaded and women abducted 2xD6
    HOW DID HE COME OUT? The Lieutenant had won 26 points at game's end.

    Played by Jim Pitts "The Sergeant"

    Sgt Lincoln is a dead shot. He is accompanied by Privates Grant (strong as an Ox) and Johnson (Ordinary). You are tyring to keep the young officer out of trouble. You will NOT fire on any army personnell. You will fire at anybody at all that fires on the Lieutenant or any army trooper.
    Earn points by:
    Keep the Lieutenant alive 2xD6 (Un-wounded - 4xD6)
    Kill any Mexicans or Indians seen 1xD6 each
    Payroll Saddlebags safeguarded by the Lt. 2xD6
    Payroll Saddlebags in YOUR personal custody: 5xD6
    Each bottle of whiskey placed inyour personal custody 1xD6 per bill.
    HOW DID HE COME OUT? The Sergeant had 19 points at the end of the game.

    Photo by Ed Sansing

    Caramba! Not another picture of the carnage in the saloon! Robby Lee (one of the drunks) is across the bar grabbing liquor. He eventually gets away with liquor and a barmaid. The Burps are still fighting with the Indians. The working girls patiently await the end of the brawl, knowing that both the victors and losers will need comforting.

    Out for themselves

    Played by John Hesselberg "The Men in Black"

    Calvin (A dead shot), Knox (Greased Lighting) and Wesley (ordinary) have been hanging around the saloon, They are here to meed the army payroll stage. Thier object is to make certain that the funds are safely transferred - to themselves!
    Earns points by:
    Each bay of amry payroll 5xD6 points
    Each Mexican killed (you had a bad time down there once): 2xD6 points each
    HOW DID HE COME OUT? The men in black got involved in gunfights in the Saloon before the stage arrived and earned no points.

    Played by Mark Stevens "The Competition"

    Judas (ordinary), Michael (Ordinary) and Luke (Strong as an ox) are honest storeowners from the next town, who are disgusted at the sales practices of the stores in this town. They are here to put the feed store and the hardware store out of business. They can start anywehre on the sidewaldk. You want to kill or drive off the help and if possible, burn the stores. You won't shoot first, but as soon as somebody else does...
    Earns points by:
    Each store trashed at the end of the game 5xD6 points
    Each store owner dead 1xD6
    HOW DID HE COME OUT? The compeditors burned the Hardware store and received 17 points.

    Played by Sean Pitts "The Indians"

    Three braves, Red Cloud (Greased Lighting), Stinks Like Old Fish (Ordinary) and Farts Often (Strong as an Ox) are lounging on the sidewalk. They each have some type of firearm, hidden under a blanket. They have a shopping list - at the top of which are New guns, followed by whiskey and fresh horses. Sadly, the white men will not accept wampum so it will be neccesary to steal what you need.
    Earn points by:
    Each gun aqquired - any way - 2xD6 points.
    Each bottle of whisky obtained: 1x D6
    Each horse or woman stolen: 1x D6
    HOW DID HE COME OUT? The poor red men were gunned down and got no points.

    Played by Mark Stevens "The Sodbusters"

    Deere (ordinary), McCormack (Ordinary) and Piers (Strong as an ox) are honest farmers who have been ripped off once too many times by the Feed store. You are here to teach the Merchans and the Cattlemen's association a lesson. You wish to horsewhip them. Each of your men has a whip which adds +2 in brawling. You will not shoot till shot at, but maybe those scoundrels would be better off dead!
    Earns points by:
    Each of the above horse-whipped: 3xD6
    Same, killed: 2xD6 points
    Steal cash box from Feed Store: 3xD6
    Bank NOT robbed: (they have your money on deposit) 3xD6
    HOW DID HE COME OUT? The sodbusters received 15 points.

    Photo by Ed Sansing

    The Sodbusters and the Competition walk down the street. The Merchants and Cattlemen's Association see them coming and begin to pick them off with rifle fire.

    Photo by Ed Sansing

    The Sodbusters do get to the hardware store. It had already been robbed by the Snodgrass gang so they set it on fire.

    The Non Player Characters

    NPC Character "The Maid" Armed with a shotgun, this woman will shoot at any one who forces his way into the hotel. Once anybody fires within 6" of the Hotel, she can fire freely at any man who is near the hotel.

    Alas, nobody came close enough for her to shoot!

    NPC Character "The Barkeep" Armed with a shotgun under the counter, he won't be the first to fire, but once he starts, he can fire at anyone in the saloon! He can fire once anybody fires within 6" of the saloon.

    There were just too many people in the saloon to shoot with a shotgun. He held his piece and tolerated a drunk pilfering a bottle, but let the Burps do the trouble shooting.

    NPC Character "The Hardware clerk" Armed with a shotgun under the counter, he won't be the first to fire, but once he starts, he can fire at anyone in the building! He can fire once anybody fires within 6" of the saloon.

    He fired, he missed, he cowered under the counter and later jumped out the window!

    NPC Character "The livery man" Armed with a shotgun, he won't be the first to fire, but he will probably shoot any anyone who forces his way into the livery stable, except the sheriffs, or a U.S. Marshal, Once anybody fires within 6" of the stable, he can fire at anyone!

    He never got his shot.

    NPC Character "The Bank Teller" Armed with a 6-shooter, he will fire at anyone attempting to rob the bank. He will not fire at peace officers or townsmen.

    He took his shot and put the man down!

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