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The links below fall into two categories, those posted by Eric Woods, and all the rest. Most of the ones posted by Eric are without any identifiers. The ones posted by others have initials beside them. Comments on a web site are by the person who posted it, unless othewise identified by:(comment INITIALS). The persons who have worked on or contributed to this site are:
Bill Estes (BE)
Jim Pitts (JP)
Jay Stribling (JS)
Eric Woods(EW)

Comments, reports of broken links and additions are most welcome.

Please understand that the listing below of the site of any person or establishment does not mean any endorsement by the Jackson Gamers of any product or service offered by that person or establishment. - Jay Stribling

Last update 10/30/2010

Jay's Favorites

BARTERTOWN If you want to buy or sell lead or plastic figures, this is it!(JS)

MAJOR GENERAL TREMOREN REDERRING'S COLONIAL-ERA WARGAMES PAGE This is the other absolutely wonderful colonial wargames web site!(JS)

THE RED SHADOW is yet another of my favorite colonial sites! Ian Croxall has constructed a marvellous semi-fictional page based on the French colonial campaigns in North Africa.

THE MINIATURES PAGE A home page for what is going on in the hobby. Lists of manufacturers, and discussion boards on all manner of game-related topic. (JS)

Gamers & Gaming Club Home Pages

BOB BEATTIE'S GAMING PAGE A home page with lots of game reports and rules sets. (JS)

Wargamers' Home Page Listing Mark Bakke's attempt to list all the wargamers' home pages he can find. A notable effort. LOTS of pages listed, including the Jackson Gamers'. (JS)

Colonial Wargaming Sites

MAJOR GENERAL TREMOREN REDERRING'S COLONIAL-ERA WARGAMES PAGE This is the other absolutely wonderful colonial wargames web site!(JS)

The COLONIAL ANGLE A nifty colonial gaming page. (JS)

THE RED SHADOW This web site is devoted to French Colonial wargaming in North Africa in the early 20th century. A beautiful site! Be careful, it is addictive. (JS)

TANZANICA A colonial gaming site set in "Darkest Africa". Brett Abbott created this web site which describes his games using a modified set of Games Workshop's MORDHEIM rules. Very nice! (JS)

Retail Shops

Sleeping Dragon Hobbies - Product Catalog (comments JP) Hobby and crafts catalog, includes miniatures, plastic models, and all types of hobby and craft supplies.

RLBPS An on-line painting service and importer of many British miniatures and terrain items. Names such as Wessex, Raventhorpe, Villiage Green and "Honorable Lead Boiler Suit" may be purchased here. (JS)

SIGNIFER Flags & Old Glory (Comments JP) Flags, Flags, and more flags!

SMS Home Page (Comments JP) Scale Specialties shop in Fullerton, CA. Naval plus miniatures. Has some interesting links.

Wargames in Nashville TN. Wargames is the U.S. distributor for Dee Zee, Essex, Hovels, QRF, Trent, and Wargames Illustrated. They also carry Baueda, Britannia, FAA U.S.A., Vallejo paints, and many fine rulesets - including Colonial Campaigns, Iron Ivan Games, Rapid Fire! and SkirmishCampaigns (JS)

Warweb On-line hobby shop with a full line of Old Glory figures and much more.


HOVELS A manufacturer of superb resin scenery pieces. (JS)
Woodland Scenics Main Page The turf we love to touch! Lots of other neat stuff: trees, tree kits, rock molds and some nifty small metal building kits. (JS)

Design Preservation Models A very lovely site for a company that makes hight quality models for Model Railroad layouts. Three different scales "N" (Goes with 15mm & 10mm), "HO" (goes with 20mm & 25mm) and "O" (goes with 28/30mm).(Comments JS)

TerraGenesis A page basically dedicated to Warhammer 40K terrain making, but with MANY good ideas. (JS)

Miniature World Maker Miniature Wargame Scenery and Terrain mainly of rubber. Prepainted and flocked. Great looking stuff. (JS)

Miniature sites of all types.

WARGAMES FORUM A nifty and attractive site with all mannner of things! For sale, book reviews, much MUCH more.(JS)

Sites dedicated to rules sets

Principles Of War A homepage dedicated to this popular rules set. (JS)

Classical Hack

Miniature flags

Warflag Lots and LOTS of flags. All free. (JS)

SIGNIFER Historic Miniature Flags, also LPA Games 10mm Napoleonics.

Miniature gaming magazines on the web

Military Miniatures Magazine

Miniature Figure Makers - All Scales

AB Figures - 15mm Nap

Amazon Miniatures Not just female figures despite the name! Lots and lots of lines of figures including the old QT models range. (JS)

Cannon Fodder Miniatures Beautiful 28mm Figures. Colonials and Texicans. From down under!(JS)

Castaway Arts 25mm Figures, Ancients and Colonials. (JS)

Chariot Miniatures A listing of thier figure rantes.

Copplestone Castings. The continually expanding lines of exquisite 28mm Figures from Mark Copplestone. Mark was a designer formerly with Foundry, now on his own.(JS)

Hinchliff Models Has taken over the Making and selling of Hinchcliffe figures. (JS)

Flagship Games 25mm Resin sailing ships, galleys and science fiction items. Looks like these would be great fun! A swash-buckling we will go me lads! (JS)

The Foundry - The "official" site The site for this company showing the tremendous range of military miniature figures made by the Foundry.(JS)

GHQ Models 1/285 scale tiny tanks (LOTS of tiny tanks) and a growing line of 10mm figures. Napoleonics and other periods (JS)

Heekin Pewter - various scales of miniature soldiers.

Irregular Miniatures A British company making a huge range of war game figures from 2mm to 25mm figures. The U.S. importer of these little guys is SILVER EAGLE WAR GAMES, site shown below. (JS).

ITALERI A manufacturer of plastic model kits and a large range of 1/72nd scale "soft plastic" figure. The U.S. importer is the "Squadron Shop." (JS)

Langton Miniatures Naval and land minitures in multiple scales. (JS)

Mithril A manufacturer of 32mm figures, specializing in Tolkien. (JS)

Monday Night Productions Old west figures in "true 25mm" any much more. (JS)

Musket Miniatures Nice quality and moderate (to me) prices. I have a good many of their 23-25mm AWI soldiers and I like them. (JS)

Noble Miniatures Manufacturers of many lines, including Figurehead, Perrin, Hallmark and many more lines of miniatures. Also the HOWARD HUES line of paints.

Old Glory Miniatures Home page of the company, describing thier figures. A massive collection of miniatures soldiers in many MANY periods and scales.

Perry Miniatures Two former Foundry designers, now on their own, making gorgeous 28mm figures. JS)

Peter Pig Miniatures "More OINK for the buck!" An excellent range of 15mm figures. I love the Russian Civil War and WWII lines! (JS)

LKM Direct Supplier of Feudal Castings, Freikorps 15s, and the QRF lines of figures.(JS)

Redoubt Enterprises Manufacturers of Big BIG 25mm figures. Tremendous range of periods. (Some of these guys really look like 30mm. figures - JS)

REVIRESCO Much of use in 1/72nd scale (20/25/28mm) to the colonial gamer. Also science fiction gaming miniatures and paper ship models. Nifty stuff! (JS)

Silver Eagle Wargames The U.S. importer of of the British figure line IRREGULAR MINIATURES. This is a vast range of 2mm to 25mm figures. (JP).

Stan Johansen Miniatures Mainly Science Fiction minaitures, also a painting service. (JS)

Historical Miniatures.com Manufacturer of Stone Mountain Miniatures, Adler Miniatures and lots more ! (JS)

Thoroughbred Models Beautiful 1/600 scale ACW miniature ships (JS)

Warrior Warrior miniatures, made in Scotland. A vast range continually being added to - 15mm, 25mm and other scales. (JS)

Plastic Miniatures

Plastic Soldier Review A listing of all sets of "Airfix type" (my phrase) soft plastic soldier sets available. There are many more that I had realized.(JS)

Toy Soldier Headquarters

Big Soldiers 54mm. & larger

Classic Toy Soldiers Every plastic soldier you remember from your youth ... They're heeeerrrr! (JS)

Barzso Playsets All manner of 54 mm figures and ships, in sets, priced for growups it seems to me. A glorious site of stuff that makes me long for my days of youthful innocence, and battles in the sand. (JS)

Frontline Figures - 54mm Napoleonic to contemporary soldiers (JS)

Downloadable Rules on the web

Free Wargame Rules What more could one need. All manner of rules for all manner of periods. (JS)

The Perfect Captain "The Robin Hood of the Historical Wargaming Forest" - "a free game in every pot!" A wild assortment of rules on the web. (JS)

A HOTTER FIRE Wargames rules for Naval battles during the American Civil War

GOD'S ACRE Medieval rules

Russian Civil War Sites

The Russian Revolution RUSSIAN HISTORY. It has a sub-page on "The Civil War and After" and a great deal more. A tremendous number of links to Russian history. I reccomend this highly. (JS)

EPBM This is a link to an electronic version of a boardgame published in 1976 inside Strategy & Tactics Magazine. ( JS)

World War I Sites

The Great War Home Page A PBS site. Contains an interactive time line of the great war. I have not explored it beyond a superficial look. It appears to be mainly oriented towards the western front. (JS)

World War I - Trenches on the Web A very attractive site! (JS)

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