A Jackson Gamer from Columbia Mississippi
Mark Stevens' Games at HISTORICON 2000

These photos were taken in the Colonial Room at the convention. This was a nifty idea which was arranged by Lori and Larry Brom of "And Thats the Way it Was".

Mark ran two games, both using variants of The Sword and The Flame rules set.

The first game, 2pm. Thursday
The Sword in Palestine

"Can Johnny turk hold the wells of Kadesh against Aussis, Brits and Frogs? Will the German reinforcements arrive...Or will Lawrence and the Arabs cut the line? There will be the ususal camels & screaming hordes, etc. Plus Grenades, Lewis guns and armored cars." (The preceding prose was taken from the official HISTORICON program).

The pitiless sun has caused a few of these British troopers to wilt. Heatstroke will take them all down unless Turkish bullets do it first! (Photo courtesy of Brett Abbott)

Larry Brom confides his strategy to another gamer. (Photo courtesy of Brett Abbott)

A crumbling piece of ancient fortifications hides - What! A 77mm. German Feldkanone waiting for just the right moment to open fire at the advancing allies. (Photo courtesy of Brett Abbott)

A nattily dressed Turkish officer at the extreme left postures importantly while his men bleed and die defending a palm-shaded oasis. (Photo courtesy of Brett Abbott)

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The second game, 7pm. Saturday
The Sword and the Kepi

"A small French force plus their untrusty Imperial Mexican Allies must clear a small valley of Juaristas. Will you support the two emperors or El Presidente? Will this be another Cinco de Mayo, or Bastille Day?"(The preceding prose was taken from the official HISTORICON program.

Mark Stevens bends forward, showing exactly how it should be done, while running his "TSATF in Mexico" game. This took place on Saturday evening July 22, 2000.

Forces loyal to Maximiliano move forward to sweep the valley and disperse any rebels found! How neatly the French march! How nice a target those cavalrymen on white horses will make!

It is quiet in the valley - too quiet!

Another shot of Mark Stevens consulting his rules. Notice how cool and relaxed all the players are. This probably means they have not yet found the enemy.

Ah-HA! There they are! Rebels occupying an adobe farm house have opened fire on the advancing French soldiers.

Native auxiliaries (Sudanese?) in white trousers and French units in blue with white headgear form line and skirmish against a copse of woods containing Mexican rebel forces. This position was taken by the auxiliary troops "a la bayonnette" at hideous cost.

A view across the table. The French entered from the right. They have driven the Mexicans out of the farmhouse and are advancing, still in neat formations down the valley.

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Anyone who played in Mark Stevens' two games at Historicon 2000 (1914 Mid-East & French Intervention In Mexico)and admired his figure painting might like to know that he won 3 Bronze Awards in the painting competition at Historicon. (He actually games with the figures he enters in competition!!)

Best regards ...Larry Brom

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