Jackson Gamers' 1870 battle in 15mm
Using Larry Brom's Chassepot and Needlegun rules.
The Frenchmen Attack

This game took place November 6, 2004. The French players who were attacking with greater numbers (overwhelming numbers as it turned out) were Phil Young, Sean Pitts, Jay Stribling, Eddie Sansing, John (? - who drove all the way from Monroe LA),Bill Estes, and John Murdough (who drove all the way from the middle of nowhere in Arkansas).

The Prussian villans (oops - I mean the Prussian players) were Jim Pitts, Rick Loveday, Mark Gilbert, and Sean Pitts.

Ed Sansing took the electronic photos - which is why he was not in the Frenchmen's "Group photo".

The French Players, except for Ed Sansing. You can tell that the frogs have already been at the spirits. The "Blur" was a customer, purchasing airplane parts. His fate is to be blurred out of existance!

Larry Reeves (the Game-master) - seated at right - shuffles the movement cards and gives clarifications on the terrain and the victory conditions to the French Players. Players are (from left) Bill Estes and Phil Young. These two commanded the French left - composed of two brigades, each of six battalions of line infantry.

Prussians await the French at the foot of the hill. The steep slope makes them look as though they are rushing down hill.

Prussians in the cemetery and the town. To a certain degree, the walled cemetary and the town determined the game. The Prussians tried very hard to keep them, and when they finally fell to the French, the Prussian force had exhausted itself trying to hold them.

Prussians line the edge of the woods behind the fields. This was a hidden force and it unveiled itself as the French advanced.

The French advance in the west. This is two brigades, each of two regiments each of 2-3 battalions. There were 5-6 battalions per Brigade, and the force had one battery of guns.

At first the Prussians held the French, but as the superior numbers of the "frogs" were able to deploy, they overlapped the Prussians and won the musketry duel. The German line broke and streamed back behind the woods. There they were out of the fire of the French Chassepots but they could no longer influence the battle.

Larry Reeves (Game-master) standing with the Prussian commanders as he explains the scenario. Rick Loveday joined them just before the game started. From left, Sean Pitts (in red jacket), Jim Pitts (in checked shirt), Larry Reeves (in white sweat shirt) and Mark Gilbert (in Maroon T shirt).

Second turn later and 1 full regiment of French have broken. 1 battalion took casualties and broke. The 2 battalions they routed through also broke.

The French right under John Murdaugh has advanced and been driven back. Several battalions are routed and trying to re-group.

The French center: Zouaves and artillery fire into the town and woods around the cemetery. The loose trees along the road are not vision or fire blocks. They represent ornamental trees of no density.

The French left (Bill and Phil) advance towards the fields and woods. Viewed as seen from a balloon floating above the Prussian positions.

Up close with a French division command. The titanic colored hoops on the standards are morale markers. Red = 10 points, White or Green = 20 points, Blue = 30 points, and gold = 40 points. The higher, the better!

The 3 battalions of the Zoauve regiment advance toward the Prussian-held town.

Ed Sansing's regiment (3 battalions) closes on the cemetery but fresh hidden Prussian troops are now revealed and Ed's men are driven back.

The Prussian cavalry makes its presence known, but only for a short time. Almost every available weapon is turned on it and it is soon destroyed.

1255 - Remnants of the cavalry contact the French

1256 - Over view of the battle showing the scattered right flank and the advancing left.

1257 - The left continues its advance. For some reason the French commander seems worried.

1260 - The French enter the woods and find more Prussians

1263 - The assault on the village.

1264 - The assault on the cemetery

1265 - Closing in on the last hill.

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