Jackson Gamers' Civil War game of the Penisular campaign
Fair Oaks

A map of the field.

The union IV corps occupied the redoubt at center with one division, and a second division was near the crossroads to the right. Each "grid square" is 1 foot square. This battle was fought using the Fire and Fury rules set.


An overall view from the Union rear

The Union forces occupy the defensive line in a crescent formation, with reinforcements flowing toward the front lines. The Confederate attackers can be glimpsed in the background, massed near the bright red tape measure.

Game Master's note to Confederate Players' at start:

"Although some confusion has delayed the start of the battle, it is now time to fall upon the separated enemy's left wing and crush it with all of our forces. Forward! Sweep the enemy from the field and end this threat to Richmond, our Capitol!"

The view from the Confederate side of the field.


Game Master's note to Federal Players' at start:

"The enemy is in confusion and is trying to attack the IV corps. The II and III corps are rushing to your aid. The Rebel General Johnston has made an error if he thinks he can defeat us on this field.

We must resist the enemy's advance and General McClellan will move to envelop and crush him. Soon, the enemy's capitol, Richmond, will belong to the Army of the Potomac and the rebel government must flee for their lives!"


In the Real Battle:

The principal Commanders at Fair Oaks/Seven Pines were: UNION - Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan. CONFEDERATE - Gen. Joseph E. Johnston, and later, Maj. Gen. Gustavus. W. Smith

On May 31, Gen. Joseph E. Johnston attempted to overwhelm two Federal corps that appeared isolated south of the Chickahominy River which was in flood. The initial Confederate attacks were delayed and ill-coordinated, but they succeeded in driving back the IV Corps and inflicting heavy casualties.

As reinforcements arrived, both sides fed more and more troops into the action. Supported by the III Corps and Sedgwick's division of Sumner's II Corps (that crossed the rain-swollen river on Grapevine Bridge), the Federal position was finally stabilized.

Gen. Johnston was seriously wounded late in the action, and the leadership of the Confederate army devolved temporarily to Maj. Gen. G.W. Smith who did not exercise effective overall command. On June 1, the Confederates renewed their assaults against the Federals but made little progress against the Federals who had brought up more reinforcements.

Both sides claimed victory, but General McClellan, thinking his army outnumbered, stopped his advance against Richmond. The result was an inconclusive battle except that Johnston's wounding led Jefferson Davis to appoint a new commander for the Confederate forces - General Robert E. Lee.

Out of 84,000 total torces engaged, the casualties were approximately 13,736 (US 5,739; CS 7,997).

Union Players' victory conditions:

Confedrate Players' victory conditions:

This report is very much "in progress". More to come!

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