Our 25mm Semi-Fantasy Battle Game

The Dragon's Horde

Using a set of Rules that Jim Pitts found on the web

Photo by Ed Sansing

A view of the Valley of Goats. The old castle and shrine in the foreground, looking toward the dragon's lair.

Photo by Ed Sansing

A close up of the bridge, several people wondered about the apparent misspelling

Photo by Ed Sansing

A close up of the old castle where Henry D'll's (Ed Sansing) men are hiding

Photo by Ed Sansing

Sir Nigel's (Travis Melton) group of knights arrives.

And the players were

Sir Andre d'Valen, Constable of Haut Lirel -- Sean Pitts
Sir Nigel Loring, famous and courteous English knight -- Travis Melton
Henry (Henrietta) d'Il, the sister of the former bandit -- Ed Sansing
Sir Stephen d'Eyudois, a quarrelsome French knight -- Jay Stribling
Raul, the Jacquierre leader -- Bryan Smith
Edward Blackfeather, the free company archer -- Phil Young
The Dragon, the Wizard (Geoffrey of the Old Forest), the Trolls,
and Inigo Montya -- all played by Jim Pitts

Photo by Ed Sansing

Edward Blackfeather's (Phillip Young) archers arrive and move toward the village.

Photo by Ed Sansing

The game master, Jim Pitts, makes a point about the rules while Jay thoughtfully stares at the dragon's lair and wonders how much loot is in there.

Photo by Ed Sansing

Sir Nigel (Travis Melton) visits the monks in the ruined abbey and learns of the problems in the valley. He rides fourth to right wrongs and find his fortune.

Photo by Ed Sansing

Ryan's peasants, having found a pack horse with treasure, head out of the valley as fast as they can. They don't want to run into the sheriff and have to answer any questions about their suddenly found treasure.

Photo by Ed Sansing

The Constable's men and Blackfeather's archer's meet in the village and fight. Mounted knights are riding between the wall and the building - but the archers held.

Photo by Ed Sansing

Sir Nigel's men reach the old castle and find the treasure left behind by Henry.

Photo by Ed Sansing

Jay's men run into a soused madman who claimed to be Inigo Montoya. He searched all of Jay's men-at-arms and eventually found one whom he proclaimed to be the six-fingered man among them who had killed his father.

Although the poor target of all this rage proclaimed that he really had seven fingers, the madman (Drunk as a lord!) proceeded to fight the entire party. Drunk or sober, he was a wizard with a sword and eventually ran the poor seven-fingered man through. Alas!

"Inigo" toddled off to the alehouse afterwards. Later inquires proved that he did this whenever he got very drunk and that the valley was littered with bodies of men (and sometimes women) that he had suspected of having six fingers (or toes).

Photo by Ed Sansing

Some of the peasants under Raul, leader of the Jacquierre, take their looted treasure out of the valley while others follow a wizard they have run into. The wizard leads them into the shrine to see if the monks have anything of value.

Photo by Ed Sansing

The Constable attacks Henry's men. Henry has ridden to Sir Nigel and revealed that "he" is really a "she". Gender-blending Henrietta, batting her eyes, now begs protection of the constable.

Photo by Ed Sansing

Jay finds a dragon. Note the cowardly peasant trying to flee with ill-gotten gains that really belonged to Sir Stephen d'Eyudois. Jay sent the peasant into the Dragon's lair first to flush the beast out. He did and survived, so presumably he considered his duty done!

Photo by Ed Sansing

The peasants, unable to kill the monks pour out the other side of the shrine. The Constable, Sir Nigel and Henrietta's men all attack them. A melee ensues.

Photo by Ed Sansing

Blackfeather's men have pushed the rest of the sheriff's out of the village.

Photo by Ed Sansing

Jay (Sir Stephen d'Eyudois) continues to fight the dragon. Sir Stephen's men try and lead it away from the cave so that his foot can get in and loot the vile creature's den. This they did and came out with 200 Lbs of Gold.

Photo by Ed Sansing

The Constable's men try and cross the bridge and run into a father-and-son team of troll. The sign on the bridge, altered from "Toll Bridge" to "Troll Bridge" should have given some warning!

The Dragon's Hoard

The bandit Knight Sir Louis d'Il (known as The Dragon) moved his men into the high Vale of Goats in September 1358, intending to make a winter camp there. They buried or hid their 1000 treasure and settled in. Before the snows fell, Louis led his men on one too many raids for food and drink. They were caught and killed nearly to the man by local lords and mercenaries under the Constable of Haut Lirel.

Since the snows would soon fall, the various allies agreed to let the treasure wait till spring and then divide it. They separated to go home, where all of them refitted their men and headed for the Vale of Goats. Since snow is in the air, they know that they must either find cover for a later, leisurely search after the storm or else find treasure quickly and depart.

Individual goals and initial positions will be in the separate writeups.

Victory conditions are specified in s for convenience. Some goals are implied in the writeups, but privately rated by the referee. Notes on how the terrain affects movement are on the map. The leaders below are listed in order of their importance.

Sir Andre d'Valen, Constable of Haut Lirel, leads the strongest force. His deputy Sir Augustus d'Merde, 6 men at arms and 5 Genovese crossbowmen ride at his back. He rides to recover the loot and punish any malefactors; a grim man and terrible whose authority no French knight dares challenge.

Sir Nigel Loring, a famous and courteous English knight, rides in quest of some small deed he might do in honor of his lady. Of all English knights, only Sir Chandos excels him. With him ride 3 valiant squires and 2 master bowmen. To his great disappointment, he arrived a little late for the battle.

Henry d'Il escaped the field after his elder brother's death with 5 men at arms. Though courteous and honorable, unlike his brother, the young man is still under the constable's ban though, unlike his brother, no sentence has been passed on him.

Sir Stephen d'Eyudois rides to pick up a few very useful coins or anything else valuable. A long time rival of Sir Claude, with him are 4 men at arms and 5 local foresters with javelins. Has quarreled with all his neighbors.

Raul was a leader of the Jacquierre, hated by every true knight. Louis d'Il allowed him shelter here, which helped to form the alliance against the robber knight. With him are 14 other peasants, last survivors of many revolts.

Edward Blackfeather leads 7 other free company archers. A veteran of the wars, he's said to have a nose for gold. Unpopular with the local knights for many good reasons.

Photo by Ed Sansing

Jay's men find the dragon's treasure and try to get as much as possible out of the cave. These brave forresters (and an impressed peasant serving as a beast of burden, looted (rescued) 200 lbs of gold from the treasure trove.

Map by Jim Pitts


Dark brown is either the road or the lowest hill level.

Orange is the middle hill level.

Medium brown is the highest hill level.

Gray is either the side walls of the Dragon's Lair, the Keep of Henry d'Il,
the shrine, or stone walls/ruins.

The two squares and the circle are "occupied" huts in either the village
(2 squares) or the hamlet (circle).

The dark brown splotch with smaller gray and green splotches is rough ground.

The brown and yellow area leading from the Dragon's Lair is the entrance.

The darker green with lighter green dots are woods.

The blue is the stream.

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