Un-named battle - gamed 9/4/2006

THE CRIMEAN WAR was fought in 1854, 1855 and 1856 between Russia and a coalition of allies that included Britain, France, Turkey, and later Sardinia. There were limited naval operations in the Baltic and the Pacific, but most of the war took place on the coasts of the Black Sea. The approach to and siege of the Russian Naval base at Sevastopol located on the Crimean peninsula resulted in the most fighting of the war and gave the conflict the name of "The Crimean War".

We played this game at Jay Stribling's home on Labor Day 2006. Jim Pitts and Jay Stribling were the Russians, while Phil Young and Ed Sansing were the allied powers.

Photo by Jim Pitts

Russian left flank viewed from a balloon above the British Right flank. You can see Jim Pitts' cavalry on the extreme flank and the Russian 3rd Division which was on the left of the Russian line.

The Russians set up their line, with 1st Infantry division on the right, 2nd Infantry division in the center, and 3rd division on the left. A brigade of cavalry protected the extreme flanks.

The Russian mission was to pierce the allied line and fall upon their supply trains, which would result in the withdrawal of the allies to thier supply point at Balaclava, and the abandonment of the seige of Sebastopol.

Photo by Jim Pitts

A view of the French division which formed the Allied left flank. Notice the gamers' supplies piled behind the French position: Dice, Rulers, and Rations (Cookies made by Ed Sansing - very nice actually).

Photo by Jim Pitts

Russian left flank infantry brigade advances and occupies the position of a routed British battery. One of the supporting British infantry units can be seen in background, after being driven off. Caucasion rifles occupy the battery position. The attacking Russian battalions have turned outward forming a defense against the expected British counterattack.

Photo by Jim Pitts

Jim Pitts moves a brigade of his Russian center divison against the center of the Allied line. British Rifles in green and a British line battalion await the Russians. One of two French artillery batteries can be blurrily seen at the right of the image.

Photo by Jim Pitts

After defeating British infantry in the Center, the Russians continue their advance on the Allied guns. The Green arrows show the movements of the Russians. The Red arrow in the background shows the position of one of the British units that fell back.

Photo by Jim Pitts

One of the many swirling melees between the left flank Russian cavalry and the opposing Allied cavalry. Green arrows show the movements of the Russian units. Red arrow shows the French Chasseurs d' Afrique, charging fanatically agains the lead Russian unit. The blue arrow shows British Hussars charging against the Russian flank.

There is a most useful Crimean Wargame mailing list at "Yahoo E-Groups". This is an eclectic mix of gamers, historians, and other good people. Collectively they are a treasure trove of information. To subscribe at no charge and exchange correspondence about the Crimean War, click on the button:

Click here to join CrimeanWargame
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"HALF a league, half a league,
Half a league onward,
All in the valley of Death
Rode the six hundred.
'Forward the Light Brigade!
Charge for the guns!' he said.
Into the valley of Death
Rode the six hundred. -"

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