Photo by Byron Champlin

Mark Stevens shows off his Gamemaster award for his Maiwand game at HISTORICON 2004 in Late July. Mark, on the left in the photo, accepts the award in his usual digified manner, while Howard Whitehouse (on right) offers subdued congratulations. Jay Stribling and Mark Stevens went up to Lancaster PA for this "Mother of all gaming conventions". They were joined by former Jackson Gamers: Larry and Lori Brom, Eric Teuber, Sam Maxwell, David Burton, Paul Koch, and Eric Betts.

And other photos and stuff!

A lot of these photos were wiped out when we had problems with the NBCi web site. Many are no longer available. The photos can probably be replaced from the archives, but I only have so much time available and the rest of my life has to fit into it. I apologize if I don't get this section reconsitituted in the near future, but if I live, I will get to it - some day.

Jay Stribling

The Jackson Gamers will add stuff to this section at random, so check back often! - Jay Stribling



Photo by Jim Pitts

Kill Number 1, an American halftrack, for Major von Pitzfeld (Jim Pitts) in his Panther tank. This game, run by Ken Hafer, took place at the HUBCON gaming convention. HUBCON took place on September 14-16 in the convention center in Hattiesburg Mississippi.

Jim Pitts took a number of photos at HUBCON and you can see them here


Photo by Tim Latham at HUBCON Sept. 15-16, 2006

Left to right (seated) Ken Hafer, Robert Whitfield (Blue cap showing), Travis Melton, Unknown (in striped shirt), Ed Sansing (red shirt), John Switzer (possibly - hair only showing) and Jean Whitfield.

Photo by Tim Latham at HUBCON Sept. 15-16, 2006

Left to right (seated) Ken Hafer, Robert Whitfield, Jim Pitts.

The Jackson Gamers were represented at HUBCON by Ed Sansing, Tim Latham, John Switzer, Robert Whitfield (and family), Travis Melton, and Jim Pitts. Ken Hafer of Metaire LA and Mike Lowry of Hattiesburg MS (both of whom we claim as our own) were there, as were some of the NOLA crowd.

Per Jim Pitts: "As usual, there was a severe dearth of "historical" games, with most of the tables being used for the DBM tournament, W40K, D&D, etc. I did play in Vince's "Baghdad Bob" game (modern day Iraq), Travis Melton's new Napoleonic rules game (French v Russo-Austrians), and for a short while in Ken's Zombie game."


Photo by Theresa Hafer

The Jackson gamers put on a number of games at this gaming convention in Kenner Louisiana. This photo shows Larry Brom and his daughters Lori and Christi observing at one of our games.

You may see some photos of the games, HERE


Photo by Ed Sansing

The Jackson gamers put on seven games at this mid-sized regional gaming convention in Kenner Louisiana. We gamed a wide variety of periods and scales - everything from 25mm Colonials (shown here) to outer space in the "Honorverse" to Victorian adventurers aloft on their lift-ships, to brutal WWII tank battles!

This photo shows Game-Master Jim Pitts (in Yellow cap) giving pre-game instructions to the players gathered for his 25mm Colonial battle. The zeriba enclosing the endangered supply base Wadi Zoum-zoum" is in the center, and the part of the attacking natives may be seen on the right.

There are photos of some of the games, HERE


Photo by Ed Sansing

The British right. This is the "thin red line" of British troops faced by truly overwhelming numbers of Zulu warriors in the 25mm "George A Carr" Memorial game at Bayou Wars 2008. We have just a few photos of the convention, held June 20-22. The Jackson gamers ran a number of games.

You may view photos of some of the games, HERE


Ed Sansing shows a close-up of the 2006 BAYOU WARS T-shirt

Bayou Wars 2007, a gaming convention held in Metaire Louisiana in June of 2007.. You may view photos of some of the games, courtesy of Bobe's Hobby House HERE.


Bayou Wars 2006, a gaming convention usually held in Metaire Louisiana had to relocate this year due to damage from Hurricane Katrina. The Jackson gamers helped the usual organizers run the convention on June 16-18, 2006 at the Battlefield Inn in Vicksburg MS. You may view photos of some of the games, HERE.


Many Jackson gamers attended Bayou Wars 2005, a gaming convention in Metaire Louisiana, held on June 3, 4, and 5 this year. You may veiw some photos taken of just a few of the many games, HERE.


The Jackson gamers enjoyed Bayou Wars 2003, a gaming convention in Metaire Louisiana, held on June 13-15 this year. We ran numerous games, played hard, and lost well. Larry Reeves received an award as "Best Gamemaster" for his Assault on the Stockade Redan game. Click on Bayou Wars 2003 for lots of photo of the convention.


Bayou Wars 2002, a gaming convention in Metaire Louisiana, held on June 7-10 in 2002. Jackson Gamers ran a numbers of games. Good food is always enjoyed this close to the "Big Easy". Click on Bayou Wars 2002 for some images of the convention.

The photo above shows Jim Pitts' Zulu war game, and was taken by Ken Hafer. Thanks to the HMGS Gulf-South gaming club for organizing the show!

BAYOU WARS Photographs taken in June 1999 at the "Bayou Wars" convention in Metaire LA. Several Jackson gamers were on hand. (This is no longer available)


Photo by Ed Sansing

Marc Fluitt (standing) runs a beautiful Pig Wars game at FUZILEER MUSTER 2004 in Hattiesburg Mississipi on Febbruary 7.. Set in the dark ages, "when men were men, and pigs were money" this game pitted more heavily armored Vikings against lighter armored, but more numerous Saxons. I believe that the Saxons triumphed after a long struggle.

Olf friends and several former Jackson Gamers were met again, including Mike Lowrey and Marc Fluitt. Click HERE for photos.

FUSILIER MUSTER 2001. The Jackson gamers were numerous at this 2001 spring gaming convention on February 17/18, which is put on in Hattiesburg MS each year, by the Hattiesburg Fusiliers gaming club. Many old friends such as Mike Lowry and Ken Hafer were seen and gamed with. Jay Stribling, Jim Pitts, Robert Whitfield and Mark Stevens put on games there. Tim Latham, Jim Pitts and Jay Stribling all took pictures, however they are no longer available on this site.


Exuberant British Commanders display the spirit found in most of the games at Hurricon 2003. They have just won Jay Stribling's 1882 game Along the Sweetwater Canal against Arabi Pasha's Egyptian army. Jackson Gamers Mark Stevens and Jay Stribling met Eric Teuber (a former Jackson Gamer) in Tampa Florida for Hurricon . Click on the name for some photos.


Photo by Lori Brom

Sargent Schneider takes aim with the Hotchkiss machine gun. Swinging it from side to side, he flails the arabs. This took place at RECON 2005 in Tampa Florida. Mark Stevens ran this wonderful game that went right down to the last turn. Would the Arabs take the village? Will the relief column arrive in time? The battle report can be seen HERE. More photos and sparkling text to follow!

Photo by Lori Brom

The tribe of Pathan warriors closest to the camera has had enough. After losing their part of the fight in "The Mother of all Melees" they head for home. With NO mules. This was part of Jay Stribling's "Last Pack Train" game at RECON 2005. You can see photos HERE.

Photo by Lori Brom

Mark Stevens and Jay Stribling went to RECON 2004 in sunny Tampa Florida in late April, 2004. They met and gamed with many old and new friends, including former Jackson Gamers Larry and Lori Brom. There were wonderful games there. A parade of photos, taken by Lori Brom can be viewed HERE .


In the outer lobby, just beyond the guardian of the gates, fully armored medieval knights went at it. Apparently this was a multiple elimination tourney. Sir Red Knight here, with two swords was bested by a more conventionally armed opponenet off camera to the right. A shield is a more effective block to repeated hammer-blows with wooden swords than another sword.

COASTCON 2003 This was one of the last Coastcons held in the Convention center. After one more year, it went back to the "Treasure Bay" hotel. Then Hurricane Katrina wiped out the coast in late August 2005. Ever since then the convention has been rebuilding, in much smaller hotels.

COASTCON 1984 A fantasy/gaming convention that the Jackson Gamers used to attend every year. These pictures were taken in March 1984 by Christie Brom (I think!) The location is the Royal d'Iberville hotel (now Treasure Bay hotel) in Biloxi MS. Coastcon moved the next year to the convention center on the coast (I think that no hotel would have them) and has never been the same since.


Photo by Eric Betts

Eric Betts ran two games at MOBICON (21-23 May 2004) hosted in the Airport Plaza Hotel in Mobile Alabama. The first was a Wild West miniatures game based on the Jackson Gamers' rules Fill Yore Hands (available from the Jackson Gamers website) and the second was "Weekend Warriors" a module for D20 Modern by "12 to Midnight" Games.

A battle report with a few photos, taken by Eric can be seen HERE .


Photo by Byron Champion

The Photo above shows Jackson Gamer Mark Stevens (at right in photo) along with "Mike, Ralph, and Ed." They are standing in front of "the gorgeous 'Market garden' game" at Historicon 2005. Last names Mark! Please!

Regretfully I did not get more photos Historicon 2005.

HISTORICON 2003 in Lancaster Pennsylvania was enjoyed by several Jackson Gamers and former Jackson Gamers. There are a few photos at the link above. P>Several former Jackson Gamers enjoyed HISTORICON 2002 in Lancaster PA on July 24th through 28th. We have some photos available here

The Jackson gamers were well represented at HISTORICON 2000 in Lancaster PA during July 20-23. Bill Estes, Mark Stevens and Jay Stribling made the long journey. The premier event of the hobby, HISTORICON is THE place to meet old friends and buy lead!

HISTORICON 99 Finally, I have been able to upload the photographs that Christy Brom took in July 1999 in Lancaster PA.


CHIMNEYCON 1986. WOW! A blast from the past! I found this 16-year old news clipping tucked into a photo album. I think the Jackson gamers went to 3 "Chimneycons" before the event folded. It was an unstable mix of Role-play gaming, sci-fi fandom, the Society for Creative Anachronism, with just a tiny flavor of Historical Gaming.


HUBCON 2000, one of two (!) gaming conventions held each year in Hattiesburg MS took place on September 23 and 24. The Jackson Gamers turned out en masse with virtually all active club members attending. Robert Whitfield ran two WWII naval battles, one on Saturday evening, and one on Sunday. Click on the name above for Tim Latham's convention photos.

HUBCON 99 Photographs from the digital camera of Tim Latham taken in August 1999 in Hattiesburg MS. Other photos uploaded from Ken Hafer in Metaire LA.


Photo by Jay Stribling

Photos of old games, in Black and White, mostly from Larry Brom's Garage in Jackson MS, all pre-1982. In the photo above, Larry Brom advances his troops into the woods on the left. Taken at the game table in Larry's garage, some time in 1977. PHOTOS OF JACKSON GAMERS Photographs showing Jackson gamers, mostly older shots not shown elsewhere. Perhaps a few are duplicates?

One of Larry Brom's 30mm American Civil War Batteries, circa 1979.


THE BUNKER 1984 Christie Brom located two old photos taken at an HMGS Mini-Con in "The Bunker". This was the semi-underground convention center at a hotel in New Carrolton MD, just across the Beltway from Washington DC. I recall that this was the first time that I had ever met Pat Condre, and I bought some figures there that I have still not finished painting. Will I ever get "round to it"? Probably not - Jay Stribling


This photo taken at the GHQ-sponsored TARAWA game at HISTORICON 1989 at the Penn Harris hotel in Camp Hill Pennsylvania. This showed off a 1/285 scale model of the island of Betio made with the GHQ Terrain Maker hex system. The marine players wore camo helmet liners and the Japanese players wore soft caps with the rising sun on them. A real crowd pleaser. The photo shows Larry Brom as a marine player, moving his troops in the water towards the coral beach.

HISTORICON 1993 I found 6 photos taken by Christie Brom mostly showing the Jackson Gamers in action, and one showing the famous terrain for "The Storming of Tuilleries Palace" by Todd Fisher of Chicago IL.

THE VICKSBURG CAMPAIGN 1975 Mike Lowry was the gamemaster of this American Civil War campaign which produced (if memory serves) four battles big enough to fight on the table-top. Read Mike's description (circa 1975/76) of the start of the campaign and the "Battle of 14-mile creek".
ORIGINS 1982 Before there was HISTORICON, there was ORIGINS. The two pictures show here were taken in Baltimore Maryland. We were the guests of Yaquinto Games, to demonstrate their new boardgame: THE FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION.

COASTCON 1984 A fantasy/gaming convention that the Jackson Gamers used to attend every year. These pictures were taken in March 1984 by Christie Brom (I think!) The location is the Royal d'Iberville hotel (now Treasure Bay hotel) in Biloxi MS. Coastcon moved the next year to the convention center on the coast (I think that no hotel would have them) and has never been the same since.

WATERLOO 1977 In the summer of 1977 we did what every club that plays Napoleonics longs to do. We refought the epic battle in Belgium 1815. We made a few changes, and guess what, the outcome changed too. I was shooting photos with room light only, so black and white film was the way to go back then.

THE BATTLE OF ANTIETAM Pictures of one of our "Big Battles from the past. 25mm. ACW clash.

TWO BATTLES Photos from 1997 (?) of a World War II micro-tanks battle, and a 15mm. ACW action.

BAYOU WARS Photographs taken in June 1999 at the "Bayou Wars" convention in Metaire LA.

OLD GAMES Photos taken in 1979 at Larry Brom's home in Jackson MS.
THE BATTLE OF ZARA Photos taken at Bill Estes' home in Madison MS. (1998?)
HISTORICON 94 One picture (but a good one) showing the extended group of Jacksongamers, present and former, and of course - friends. GOOD GRIEF! I had black hair back then! - Jay.

Mark Stevens' 15th Mississippi Infantry in 25mm, circa 1979.

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