Photo by Jay Stribling

Paras move into the street in The Three Block War played on November 21, 2009 at Jay Stribling's home in Jackson MS. Ed Sansing was the Game-master for this modern period game using the Ambush Alley rules set.

Changes to the Jackson Gamers' Web Pages

The latest changes should be at the top. - November 2011

11/02/11 Added photos and commentary to the "Battle of Salamanca" game report.

October 2011

10/31/11 Added photos and link to John Murdaugh's web site for "Battle of Bloody Hill" game played on October 30, 2011.

10/25/11 FINALLY completed the battle report for the AWI game played on January 29, 2011.

10/23/11 Updated main (index) page with Salamanca Battle report.

10/21/11 Updated main (index) page with various information.

September 2011

9/15/11 Updated game schedule.

9/10/11 Apologized and made excuses for not updating site more often..

August 2011

8/16/11 Added referance to "The battle of Hesselbach" on the Jackson Gamers Blog site.

8/12/11 Created and uploaded battle report for our August 12, 2011 Napoleonic games: "The battles Crackenspiel."

8/10/11 Updated main (index) page with various information.

July 2011

7/17/11 Created and uploaded battle report for our July 16, 2011 game: "The battle of German Flat."

7/14/11 Created and uploaded battle report for our July 2, 2011 game: "The battle for the Chronkite Gap."

June 2011

6/30/11 Corrected a bunch of small errors. Added a note about the COLONIAL BARRACKS convention to Index (main) page.

6/25/11 Updated Index (main) page with theme for 2012 games.

6/24/11 Updated 2011 gaming schedule.

6/20/11 Posted a report with photos of the Jackson Gamers at Bayou Wars 2011. Also posted a "teaser" photo of the Aeronef game played on June 18, 2011.

6/07/11 Posted battle report "Pharoh Spanks the Assyrians."

May 2011

5/24/11 Posted latest edition (version 3.4) of "Pharoh Rides to War" ancient period rules.

5/22/11 Updated game schedule.

5/08/11 Posted a few photos from our May 7 "Battle of Greuberbach."

5/04/11 I made a few small updates to the "Great War in East Africa" period page.

5/01/11 Updated main (index) page with photos of our 15mm 1846 game, played April 30.

April 2011

4/22/11 Added game photo and link to our Fort Frommage game to main (index) page.

4/16/11 Updated main (index) page. Updated game schedule.

4/6/11 Added new figure lines and illustrations to Franco-Prussian War main page.

4/6/11 Updated main (index) page with "teaser" photos of March 19 pirate game, and provided link to battle report on Jackson Gamers' Blog site.

March 2011

3/16/11 Updated Game Schedule - Again!

3/09/11 Updated Game Schedule.

February 2011

2/26/11 Updated Game Schedule.

2/10/11 Added question & answer about our "Ironclad Gunboat" ACW naval rules.

2/07/11 Created "In the Sand-Box" battle report.

January 2011

1/18/11 Linked to the game report "Shootout in Adamsville on the Jackson Gamers Blog site.

1/04/11 Created and uploaded the battle report for our "On the Road to Brittney" game.

Older changes deleted 10/31/11

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