A Hard Day at Ballyhoo
Our old west gunfight game, June 1, 2002

The Jackson Gamers played multiple factions in this old west game.

Photo by Jay Stribling

The Merchants and Cattlemen's Bank Notice the Mexican, dead in the street. He tried to make a withdrawal, only to be foiled by the lurker at the left of the buildig.

Photo by Jay Stribling

A fancy dude aims his hand gun at the man who insulted him. His target is out of site to the right, in front of the hotel (the red building).

Photo by Jay Stribling

A meeting of the minds - and the bullets - in front of the bank. Note the guards on the roof of the bank and the feed store to the right. Two more Mexicans, two townies and a gunfighter all debate for the right to enter the banking house. The blacksmith works placidly on.

Photo by Jay Stribling

Inside one of the stores, a rough man asks for customer service. The clerk in fancy dress services him all right - with a six gun! Note the dead gunfighter in the street.

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