Three Villages

Our 15mm WWII game using A modification of the SQUAD LEADER IN MINIATURE rules

Played at Jay Stribling's home in Jackson Mississippi, September 3rd, 2007

Photo by Jim Pitts

One of Robertís Panthers under ineffective American artillery fire while the lead tank in a British column burns in the background. This Panther was later destroyed by a British tank.

This is our fifth game using a miniatures version of Avalon Hill's SQUAD LEADER boardgame. It is the fourth on a hex-gridded table. This game table which is 5' x 8' is about 1.25 times the width of a scaled-up Avalon Hill game board, but only about .6 of the length of what a true AH game board would be with 4" hexes.

The American Players were Ed Sansing, and Jay Stribling. The British player was Fred Diamond. The German players were Jim Pitts, Phil Young and Robert Whitfield.

The game-master was Jay Stribling who had become tired of just running these games and writing these reports, so he resolved to be IN this game. Stribling's usual luck applied and troops did not do well.

By this game all of the players had some previous experience with Squad Leader with Miniatures, or at least the original Squad Leader game by Avalon Hill.

The game played more smoothly than some of the previous efforts.

The Allied Players were on the attack. Parts of the US 9th Army and the British Second army, their objective was to occupy the three towns of Porsche, Audi and Beemer.

Photo by Jim Pitts

Another of Robertís Panthers under ineffective American artillery fire. It was also later destroyed by a British tank.

The German Set-up for this game

The game-master allowed the German Infantry and two 88mm guns to set up in the three towns. Also they could set up on, or to the rear, of a line even with the front of the towns. The German infantry forces consisted of 18 squads, along with various officers and supporting weapons. This represented two companies of infantry.

The German armored units were at the rear and were required to enter the table on the roads coming from the German rear. The German armored units consisted of 3 Panther tanks, 3 Pz IV tanks and 3 Stug III assault guns.

Photo by Jim Pitts

Jimís 88mm dual purpose gun under ineffective American artillery fire. Itís crew escaped unscathed and got their revenge by destroying three of Edís Shermans.

Photo by Jim Pitts

The lead tank in Fredís British column burns after being hit by a German Panzershrek from an adjacent building. This blocked the road to any further British vehicular traffic, forcing them through the woods on the left..

The Allied Set-up for this game

The Americans were responsible for the thrusts against the center and left towns. The British forces operated against the right-hand town. The British had 4 Shermans (1 was a Sherman firefly with 17-lb gun) and one Churchill tank.

The British infantry force, which accompanied the tanks was 10 squads of infantry with officers and supporting weapons. All were mounted in Kangaroo or Universal carriers so that they could keep up with the tanks. The entire British force entered the table on the road which came on from the right hand table edge. This was a suprise to the Germans!

Photo by Jim Pitts

Philís 88mm dual-purpose gun engages Jayís American Sherman tanks, scoring two kills. Some of Philís German infantry is advancing into more favorable ground to repulse the feable American attack.

Photo by Jim Pitts

Two of Edís American Sherman tanks try to outflank Jimís forces, killing one of Jimís three Sturmgeschutz in the process. But Phil moved his platoon of Panzer IVs to outflank the Americans, killing them both. Edís American infantry in the trees were soon taken under fire by Philís and Jimís German troops and badly shot up, fleeing further into the woods.

Photo by Jim Pitts

Jimís 88mm dual-purpose gun scores a catastrophic kill on one of Edís Shermans. ďCan you say Ronson! It lights every time!Ē Another target, er Sherman, is soon to join his comrade. Edís tank destroyer platoon advances across an open field, screened from the 88 by a building. They were able to kill two of Jimís three Sturmgeschutz but couldnít move closer to the buildings for fear of German anti-tank weapons.

Rules changes for this game?

Who was the victor in this game?

The Germans won the game handily. We only played two turns. The German AT guns and tanks were very VERY accurate.

How did the rules work?

The results were discouraging. THe American infantry and tanks were shot up before their artillery could have any effect. Since the game-master was an American - sigh!

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