QUICK RULES For Napoleonic Skirmish Games

All figures shooting will shoot
All figures that did not shoot can move. (Roll D6, highest side moves 1st or 2nd at choice)
Test command response for each man as you attempt to move him
All figures that did not shoot or move can perform an action
Any figures that are touching may fight in hand-to-hand
All figures that did not shoot, move, perform an action, or fight, may recover an endurance point

Movement Men move 6” per turn.
+2" if Fast as a fox!
+4" if running (lose 1 Endurance pt)
-4" clambering over obstacle
-2" if uphill
-2" if wounded
-2" if moving through brush/trees

Shooting Weapons began the game loaded

Muskets shoot 16” Roll D6 when firing
Short range 0-4” Hit with 2+
Medium range 4-8” Hit with 4+
Long range 8-16” Hit with 5+

Rifles shoot 30” Roll D10 when firing
Short range 0-4’ Hit with 2+
Medium range 4-10” Hit with 4+
Long range 10-20” Hit with 5+
Very long range 20-30” Hit with 7+

Modifiers Cannot move and shoot.
+1 die modifier if crack shot
+1 die modifier if resting weapon
-1 die modifier if bayonet fixed
-1 each wound on shooter
-1 if shooter is exhausted
-2 if target behind soft cover
-3 if target behind hard cover
On any die, 1 is always a miss.

Reload 1 turns stationary for Musket
2 turns stationary for Rifle

Close Miss If firing at target within 1” of another man, and you miss the first target, roll to see if other man hit by bullet. Figures fired at and missed test command response, Cower in place next turn if failed.

Hand to Hand Roll D-10, highest wins and loser takes a wound. Both use an endurance point.
+3 if using sword/saber
+2 if bayonet fixed
+2 if “natural born killer”
-1 Fighter is exhausted
-1 each wound on man
Loser staggers back D6 inches and cowers all next turn.

Endurance points: Start with 4. Use one if you run, or fight hand to hand. Gain one back if you remain stationary and do NOTHING in turn. If all endurance are used the man is exhausted.
If man is Strong as an Ox, he gets the 1st point used back.

Actions: these take 1 turn:
fix bayonet
Unfix bayonet
Drop weapon & draw sword
Sheath sword & pick up weapon
Reacting to wound or Cowering

Command Response Must roll equal to or less than remaining endurance points with D6 to be able to move.
Exempt if within 6” or officer or NCO
-1 if within 12” of officer with bugle or whistle
Officers & NCOs exempt
Natural born killer exempt if moving to attack hand-to hand.

Each hit does one wound. 3rd wound kills
Roll D6 each time man is wounded, 5 or 6 kills instantly
Strong as an ox shrugs off 1st wound

Roll D10 for each man at start of game:
1 = Natural born killer! +2 in hand to hand
2 = Strong as an ox! Shrugs off first wound, Gets 1st endurance point used, back.
3 = Crack shot! +1 to all fire
4 = Fast as a fox! +2” to movement

Morale If NCO is killed, his squad falls back 6 and cowers next turn. Officer killed, same but all figures within 12” that see death are affected.

Misc: Players must specify if men start with fixed bayonets or drawn sabers (officers only) otherwise bayonet not fixed and saber not drawn.

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