Our Russian Civil War Game


Our Game-Master was Fred Diamond. For those of us who have played in Fred's past games, this is ominous enough. So when he set up a fairly simple Russian Civil War game, on January 6th, at HOBBYTOWN in North Jackson, we players should have been forewarned.

Photo by Ed Sansing

The dastardly Red Russian commanders. Comrades Jim Pitts, Jay Stribling and John Murdaugh. Note that their forces are prepared for all-round defense and they have already occupied the only village on the table.

Photo by Ed Sansing

The wily White Russian commanders. Sean Pitts and Robert Whitfield. Note that both of these Czarists sport beards - White Scum!

Photo by Ed Sansing

Comrade Jim's Red's line up watching Robert approach. We Reds payed too much attention to the on-table events and too little to the victory conditions, which said that after occupying the town, we could exit the table and win. We occupied the town on turn one - but did we read the part about exiting the table and claiming victory...

Photo by Ed Sansing

Comrade Jim's cavalry hits Robert's infantry. Robert tried to move through the area in the foreground near the stream and was told by the Game-Master that the area was an impassable swamp. Little did we know about the beast that inhabited it. Gutteral sounds, much like those of an armored train in agony began to come out of the Swamp.

Photo by Ed Sansing

As Sean Pitts' units cross the stream, the creature, obviously disturbed by the passage of Robert Whitfield's white units, charges out at the closest unit. While press reports (before the clampdown by Comrade Trotsky) reported that the beast chewed upon White and Red alike Comrade Stribling reports that the Beast (a counter-revolutionary at heart) feasted upon his brave Red soldiers most of all.

His men put up a stiff defense, peppering the animal with Maxim gun fire, and winning two melees with the fiendish creature. NOTE: After the game, the game-master, Fred Diamond said that Stribling had almost killed the beast, another concentrated volley by the Maxim guns might have done it. But, after such carnage, all the commanders, Red and White alike, were glad to see the animal go back to it's lair in the swamp.


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