Photo by Ed Sansing

A view From the Center of the French line in our Peninsula Battle game. Looking towards the left, Bill Estes' 4th and John Murdaugh's 5th French Divisions can be seen, advancing toward the high ground, occupied by the British, Portuguese and Spanish. We played this game in November 2005 at HOBBYTOWN in north Jackson MS.

Believe it or not, at one time, the Jackson Gamers played nothing but Napoleonics. Of course, that was because the only troops we had were Napoleonic. This page is just started, and will be the center of all things Napoleonic for the Jackson Gamers.


The Battle of Gorodeczna. John Stengel was game-master for this 15mm game played on October 7th 2006 at HOBBYTOWN. John pitted Wittgensteins 1st corp against a rag-tag collection of French and Saxons. John said of this game: "I will have 6 brigades of Russians and 6 Brigades of Frenchies/Saxons to fight with, not including the cavalry brigades and ample artillery. I have been dying for an opportinty to field all 27 stands of Russian artillery I own, so...what the heck!"

Hopefully, more photos to follow!

The Battle of Pratzen Heights Jim Pitts was game-master for this 15mm game at HOBBYTOWN on December 5th 2005 - Two hundred years after the real battle. We used Larry Reeves rules set "If only we could all be Napoleon." Just started on this battle report, more to follow!

A Peninsular Battle Jay Stribling was the game-master for this 25mm game at HOBBYTOWN in November 2005. It is not a re-creation of any particular action, just another in that series in which the Peer defeated one or another of those French Marshals. John Murdaugh was the unlucky French commander in this one. Only about half the photos are there as yet.

Grossbeeren Jim Pitts was game-master for this 25mm game at HOBBYTOWN on July 30th 2005. Only part of the photos are up, but more to follow from our combat photographers, Ed Sansing and John Murdaugh. The French were foiled again!

Quatre Bras John Murdaugh ran this 25mm game at HOBBYTOWN on June 18th 2005. Only two days after the anniversary of the real thing! We used our "To the Sound of the Guns" Napoleonic rules - a variant off the old "Brom Napoleonic" set. Marshal Ney came THAT close to winning the game, but failed again - Alas!

This is only part of the game report -much more to come.

Leipzig - October 16 We played this quite large battle in 15mm with Larry Reeves' armies and with his rules "If only we could all be Napoleon". Each side crushed the other's right flank, although the lying French said that their force was a forlorn hope, just to suck the Russians in... Who can trust that French Emperor?

The Russian Defense In our Fantasy 1811 campaign of the Russian attack into French-occupied Prussia, the Russian troops, under the steady command of Marshall Whitfield, staged a typical Russian defense with trenches and a fortified town. The advancing French, under the command of Marshall Murdaugh, with their reluctant Prussian Allies, attempted to smash and outflank the Russian Position. They got a bloody nose.

The Battle of Lindenau In 1813 The Austrian III Corp under the command of Gen. Gyulai was sent north to the rear of Napoleon's army. Bertrand's French Corps, so desperately needed by the Emperor on the southern front, had to be detached to secure Leipzig itself. Gyulai began his attack at 8 am and succeeded in driving the French out of several villages around Lindenau before the appearance of Bertrand's IV corps. The IV Corps was made up of Italians, Wurttemberg's and French. Bertrand began his counter attack at 11:00 am and this is where are battle began. Larry Reeves' If only we could all be Napoleon rules for this 15mm battle which we fought on September 18, 2004, at HOBBYTOWN in North Jackson.

Attack on the Center was a game of part of the Battle of Waterloo in June 1815. A corps of infantry under General D'Erlon attacked the center of Wellington's line. In our game the French were able to break the British line briefly, and so won the game. This was only part of the great battle. Perhaps we will do other parts later. Our game was fought out at HOBBYTOWN in North Jackson on April 3, 2004 with the 25mm French and Russian armies of Robert Whitfield, John Murdaugh, and Jay Stribling. We used our own BROM NAPOLEONIC rules.

The Russian Attack was a game in 1813 in Germany as a Russian Corps fell attempted to fall on the supply line of the French Army. A corps of infantry under Marshall Ney tried to stop the Russian. This game was fought out at HOBBYTOWN in North Jackson on March 19, 2004 with the 25mm French and Russian armies of Jay Stribling. We used our own BROM NAPOLEONIC rules.

The Desperate Prussian Defense was a 15mm game in which units of the Confederation of the Rhine along with a Polish Division, made a dash for Berlin while the emperor was away in Spain. They made a hash of it, as usual. The Prussians put up a stubborn defense and the game was a draw (kind of). We played this game at HOBBYTOWN in North Jackson on November 1, 2003 with Larry Reeves' 15mm armies, and using his rules: "If only we could all be Napoleon".

Napoleon in Egypt was the 1801 desert battle game that we fought with Mark Stevens' extremely well painted, representing the colorful Demi-Brigades of the French army of the Orient, and the Turkish and British forces opposing them. We played this game at HOBBYTOWN in North Jackson on april 19.

The Defense of Taneytown. Mark Stevens travelled from his native Columbia MS to Jackson to run a lovely 28mm game set during the War of 1812. His armies and his rules allowed the Canadians to hold off a bold American assault across the border at the three-building hamlet of Taneytown. Read all about it!

Victory of the Coalition. Larry Reeves ran this 15mm napoleonic game using his armies and rules written by him. It was set during the furious fighting around the German town of Leipzig in 1813. The Austrians with their Russian and Prussian allies were triumphant, smashing the French position and forcing the hurried withdrawal of the survivors.

The Battle of Luneburg. Jim Pitts was the game-master for this 25mm Napoleonic battle set in German in 1813. He placed the French in the "central position". This is a clever way of saying that if they were not careful, they would become the "Jam" in a "Jam Sandwich". The French hoped to attack the British with most of their forces and defeat them, before turning on the Prussians who have a long distance to go before reaching Luneburg. The rules were Larry Brom's Standard Rules.

The Battle of Kulm was Larry Reeves' 15mm Napoleonic game which was hard pounding from the start of turn one! The Allies consisted of the Austrians (Phil Young), the Russians (Bill Estes), the Prussians (Tim Latham) and a band of Rogue Cossacks (Fred Diamond). Jay Stribling was the French. At the start of turn one, a daring flank march by the French placed the Prussian force in mortal peril. By the end of turn three, the Prussians were wrecked, the cossacks were driven off and the French forces still held the town of Kulm! Rules were a variant of Fire and Fury

The Battle for Hertzburg. John Switzer is fighting a Napoleonic Campaign game at his home in Madison MS. He has taken some fine pictures and sent a brief description of them. You can click on the name to see the illustrations. This battle report was on the NBCi site - currently unavailable.

Donnen und Blitzen". Robert Whitfield was the game master at a 25mm Napoleonic game using Larry Brom's old "Standard rules" at HOBBYTOWN on August 5, 2000. Twin villages were prominent terrain features in this game which saw the table groan under the weight of the lead. The Russians and Prussians prevailed over the impudent Frenchmen. This battle report was on the NBCi site - currently unavailable.

VILLA JOBE John Switzer ran a 15mm Napoleonic battle using his own armies and the Fire and Glory rules. The French players report was apparently intercepted by Spanish Guerillas and so never arrived in my email. I posted photos and the British commander's victory report. This battle report was on the NBCi site - currently unavailable.


Photo by Ed Sansing

Jay Stribling's ship in the foreground and Sean Pitts on the left are firing on Ken Hafer as Robert Whitfield tries to get in position to fire.

"Return to Macho Grande!" was our game played on February 4, 2006 - the sequel to our first Napoleonic naval battle - at HOBBYTOWN in north Jackson. The Earl of Cheddar returns and destroys the French fleet outside of the Spanish port of Macho Grande. Cruel revenge - very sweet to those British players who remembered the disastrous first "Macho Grande."

"The Battle of Macho Grande" was our game played on March 5, 2005 - a Napoleonic naval battle - at HOBBYTOWN in north Jackson. The Earl of Cheddar and the Marquis de Chardoney met in a naval duel outside the Spanish port of Macho Grande. Was the British fleet able to destroy the French before they could shelter under the guns of the port?

Unfortunately no. John Murdaugh (the Earl) and Jay Stribling went down (Literally!) - pounded into surrender by the Marquis de Chardoney. The rules were a modified version of Wooden Ships and Iron Men


This section is not quite ready yet. You can consider that it is still "Marching to the Front!"

Flag images above are from the marvellous WARFLAG site

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