Jackson Gamers' Battletech game
Getting off the Planet

Played on November 15, 2008 at THE DRAGON'S LAIR in Pearl Mississippi.

The Game-Master was Fred Diamond who also provided the Mechs and wrote the extremely simple rules.

The Players and Sides

Jeff Rosenkranz, Bill Hamilton and Jay Stribling were the forces of House Parthia - An outcast group of "The Federated Suns." After a long struggle they were trying to get off the planet be fore the Draconis combine landed and blew everything to scrap metal.

Jim Pitts, Ed Sansing and Phil Young were the forces of house Xeno. A motly crew of Used-Mech dealers who had overextended themselves fighting agains House Parthia and likewise were trying to get off-world before the "bad boys" of the Draconis Combine arrived in the neighborhood.

Fred Diamond was the umpire as well as the rules arbiter and the creator of the scenario.

Photo by Ed Sansing

Jeff Rosenkranz, Bill Hamilton and Jay Stribling, the players of House Parthia.

Photo by Ed Sansing

The gamemaster, Fred Diamond and one player of House Xeno, the other side. Phil Young (not pictured - Sean Pitts and Ed Sansing).

Photo by Ed Sansing

Our units, deploying onto the battlefield. Each player had 4 mechs, 4-5 tanks and infantry. The red and blue arrows show the direction that each side was moving to reach its evacuation sites. Note that the arrows cross...

Photo by Ed Sansing

A close up of some of the mechs commanded by Ed Sansing.

Photo by Ed Sansing

The "enemy" units as Ed Sansing described them of House Parthia. The big white mech in the foreground became a magnet for House Xeno's fire.

Photo by Ed Sansing

Near the exit point for the units, the Game-master, Fred Diamond, suddenly lands a huge spacecraft of the Draconis Combine and starts shooting at both sides. Red arrows point to two tanks, showing just how big this "drop ship" was.

Photo by Ed Sansing

Tanks belonging to Jay and Bill approach the drop ship.

Photo by Ed Sansing

Another shot of the units of House Xeno.

Photo by Ed Sansing

Both side fired enough at the Draconis probe or drop ship that it finally lifted off. So both sides went back to shooting at each other. Off board artillery has cleared a few units off the board. Again, arrows show direction of intended movement.

Photo by Ed Sansing

As Ed Sansing notes: "At the end of the game we had killed their (House Parthia's) leader and they had killed a specific mech of ours. Honor was satisfied and we all headed to our exit points.

So - who won this game anyway?

Well both sides had most of their mech survive, although the carnage was extreme among the infantry. The Draconis Combine's probe was long gone, so really both sides won. Pretty miserable for the planet where this "little war" took place!

Ed Sansing sums it up nicely: "Both sides entered the table and pounded on each other as we moved toward our retrieval points. Then Fred landed a drop-ship of the third party (some oriental sounding name). We kinda, almost joined forces to drive off the drop ship.

We killed the opposing force's leader mech and they killed the mech that they had set a bounty on. At that point both sides declared that honor had been met and we scurried off to our retrieval points and made it into orbit before the nuclear holocaust rained down on the planet.

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