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Capture the guns!

We played this game at HOBBYTOWN in Flowood Mississippi on June 30, 2007. Jay Stribling was the Game-Master and the 15mm forces used were a misture of Minifigs and old Peter Laing figures.

In actuality there were two wars by the Boers against the British, the first in 1882 and the second at the start of the 20th century. This battle is set in second. The British are in Khaki, and the Maxim gun has arrived on the battlefield.

A lot of these figures are older Peter Laing figures. These just do not have the detail that the more modern castings do. They do have a certain charm but they may look pretty bad in close-ups!

Photo by Jim Pitts

One of Jim Pitts’ commandos rides to assist Bill’s gun that is threatened by some British cavalry. The gun escaped and it and this commando shot them up so badly that they retired from the battle. Unfortunately this unit lost its officer in the firefight and never moved again.

Photo by Jim Pitts

One of Bill Hamilton’s commandos is shown facing a British lancer troop. Although charged by the lancers, the Boers first shot them up and then stood toe to toe with the lancers. Although the Boers lost the close combat and had to fall back, the lancers were only left with two men and retired from the field. Rallying, this commando later outflanked an immobile British infantry unit and was shooting them up as night fell.

Who was who

The Boer Commando leaders were: Jim Pitts, Travis Melton, and Bill Hamilton.

The British commanders were: Ed Sansing, Sean Pitts, and Phil Young.

Photo by Jim Pitts

This photo shows the lancers charging in, while a colonial mounted infantry troop tries to assist. The colonials decided that they had better things to do and rode back behind the farm stead to “rest their weary horses.”

Boer Victory conditions for this game

Boer Scenario & Victory Conditions

You have received from admirers abroad, two very long ranged Schneider field guns. They have been shooting at trains along the railway line. Intelligence sources say that the enemy will send a column out to sweep of this area. You will destroy that column. You have much stronger forces than the outlanders imagine. We believe that their forces will be 3-4 infantry platoons and one or two of mounted troops, possibly with a field gun.

Your Commando has an overwhelming force of 5 platoons, all mounted. You have the two very long ranged Schneider field guns which can hit any enemy unit on the field as long as you have direct line of sight. You also have a pom-pom machine gun (short range 18", Long range 44" , no Jams). You have only Oxen to move the Schneider guns, so they cannot move and fire in the same turn.

Your victory conditions are:

  1. Each enemy unit driven from the field, or reduced to a strength of 5 figures or less (10 points)
  2. Each enemy leader killed or taken (5 points) 3) Simply having your very long ranged Schneider field guns still on the board at the end of the game (5 points each).

Photo by Jim Pitts

One of Travis’ commandos repulsing a British platoon by rifle fire. Although the commando leader was wounded in the exchanges, the commando held its ground and reduced the 20-man British unit to just 5 by nightfall.

Photo by Jim Pitts

Travis’ gun in its position. From here, it could range throughout the battlefield, shelling British units without mercy.

Photo by Jim Pitts

Bill’s other commando facing off with a platoon of Highlanders, who weren’t able to make an impression on the stolid Boers. In the background you can see one of the two British guns. Notice that only one gunner is still on his feet courtesy of accurate Boer rifle fire.

BRitish Victory conditions for this game

British Scenario & Victory Conditions

The Boers have a very long ranged field gun. They are shooting at trains along the railway line. You will make a sweep of this area and find that gun. You will destroy or capture that gun, thus removing from the enemy’s hands a potent tool for annoyance.

The Boer strength is estimated at a Commando of three platoons, plus the long ranged field gun. You have an overwhelming force of 5 platoons of infantry, three troops of colonial horse, one troop of lancers, two field guns and a maxim gun (does NOT roll for Jamming).

Your victory conditions are:

  1. Take or capture the long ranged gun (15 points)
  2. Each enemy platoon driven from the field, or reduced to a strength of 5 figures or less (10 points)
  3. Each enemy supply wagon taken (5 points)
  4. Each enemy leader killed or taken (5 points)

So - Who Won this Battle?

The Boers won a decisive victory 95 points to 10 British points. They retained both their long range guns on the field, wounded three of the four British leaders including the overall British commander, and shot up three cavalry troops, two or three infantry platoons, and two gun crews.

The British only were only able to wound two of the three Boer leaders and inflicted a number of casualties, but only about half of what the Boer marksmen did. Most of the British casualties came from Boer rifle fire. The Boer guns were not that effective.

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