Jackson Gamers' Axis & Allies Miniatures Game
Our Second Game

This was our second game. Most of the players had retained some memory of basic tactics. The Russians with lend-lease American tanks to aid them, crushed the German and Italian forces.

The Joker in this game was a lost P-51 American fighter operated with great glee by the Fred Diamond, the Game-master himself. The plane targeted both sides at random and the Soviets were tempted to try to shoot it down. The Germans did try, but with no effect. The drunken flyboy finally departed, letting the Soviets resume their annihilation of the Germans.

Photo by Ed Sansing

Sean Pitts' Germans face Tim Latham's American units.

Photo by Ed Sansing

Phil Young's Germans face Jay Stribling's Russians. Ed Sansing played the hapless Italians facing Jim Pitts' Russians. Ed says that he spent several turns hiding from Jim's massive JS-II.

Photo by Ed Sansing

Sean's Tiger is disrupted but kills one of Tim Latham's Shermans

Photo by Ed Sansing

Ed Sansing recalls: "The P-51 mistakes some Russian allies for the Facists and attacks Jim. He barely missed me. The P-51 also disrupted Sean Pitts' infantry."

Photo by Ed Sansing

Ed continues: "Not long afterwards, Jim's JS-II tank "lights up" my Italian tank.

SO - Who won this battle?

Put your money on the JS-II tanks boys. The Russians won the game - in spite of the Drunken American pilot!

Photo by Ed Sansing

Alas poor empty table - we knew you so well. This was our last game at the HOBBYTOWN in Jackson Mississippi. Hobbytown is relocating to Flowood MS - a bedroom community to the east of Jackson. Starting on April 28, we hope to play our games there.

Photo by Ed Sansing

Another look at "old faithful."

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