Another "Old School" Tricorne era game in 40mm
The Battle of Zwilling-Hügel .

Photo by Jay Stribling

Harzburg artillery in action. John Murdaugh was so rushed in getting these figures into action that he never got around to painting thier bases.

We played this game at Jay Stribling's home in North Jackson on November 20, 2010. The 40mm troops are owned by John Murduagh who drives from Arkansas to game with us. (NOTE: that is about a 2.5 hour drive, so he really wants to game). John was the game-master of this game. Your correspondent is Jay Stribling.

John has made the troops by home-casting them in Prinz August molds. The troops are semi-flats which means that they look awfully skinny if you look at them one way, and well fed if you view them from another direction! John painted most of the troops but Jay Stribling painted two battalions of infantry and four squadrons of the cavalry.

The rules were BAR which stands for Battalions d' Ancien Regime and are definately "old school." John has all of the troops individually mounted but plans to make move stands to cut down on the time needed to move each battalion.

Photo by Jay Stribling

Cruel volleys of musketry from the Schwabian forces on the hill have left the brave Harzburg infantry bleeding. Note the officer galloping helplessly amidst the casualties.

Photo by Jay Stribling

On the Harzburg extreme right flank, the cavalry can be seen to be trailing the captured Schwabian horsemen's standard in the dust. The remnant of the battaion next to them was the strongest infantry force left to Harsburg after two murderous Schwabian volleys.

Who were the commanders in this affair?

Jay Stribling and Bill Hamilton commanded the army of Harzburg, while John Murdaugh and Ed Sansing commanded the forces of Schwabia.

Photo by Jay Stribling

Early on, a view from above of the Schwabian defensive line.

Photo by Jay Stribling

Carnage! A long view of General Hamilton's forces being bloodied during thier assault on the left part of the hill.

Photo by Jay Stribling

Another view of the same part of the action, showing the cavalry battle on the Harzburg left/Schwabian right.

So, Who won this battle?

The forces of Schwabia did. Their position on the high ground one either side of the road absoloutely dominated the field. Jay Stribling had some luck with his cavalry on the extreme right of Harzburg, but his infantry was shredded in two turns of firing. Two battalions routed at the end of turn three and the surviving battalion was at about 65% strength.

Bill Hamilton, on the Harzburg left lost a two-turn cavalry melee, and his infantry were punished badly in their attempt to seize the end of the high ground on the Harzburg left/Schwabian right.

Go to John Murdaugh's blog site NOMADIC OLD SCHOOL GAMER for more photos and text about this battle.

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