First Blood

This Science-Fiction battle, the first of three linked games, was our fifth game for the year 2009. We played this at Jay Stribling's home in Jackson Mississippi on February 21st. Our rules were cobbled up by Fred Diamond who knows that the Jackson Gamers prefer simple rules. Fred provided the mechs and ran the game.

Young's Yeomen (Phil Young) showed themselves admirably to the forces of the clans, surviving the battle with only four lost battlemechs (panther, stalking spider, atlas, atlas). Having survived the battle with his forces mostly intact, Captain Young was able to leave the field in honor, with two of his pilots moving into the legendary fields. with the salvage from his four lost mechs, he will be able to repair his wounds and fall back to the next stronghold to continue on his contraact, the clans will write in the remembrance of the battle with Captain Young and note that this mercenary is very honorable

Originally feared killed, it turns out that Captain Hamilton (Bill Hamilton) was only unconscious, having lost half of his company and with the morale of the survivors shattered, the forces of the federated suns left the table in disarray. Captain Hamilton and his survivors went to the far rear for rest and recovery, at this time it is uncertain if he will fight any more on the frontier. The pilots of the hellstar battlemechs and the surviving atlas all received promotions in the field for valor. We are certain that posthumous awards will be given to the other members of the Federated Suns forces

Star Captain Jay (Jay Stribling) of the Jade Falcons' 312th battle cluster proved himself admirably this day. His binary of mechs engaged and destroyed multiple enemy targets, earning his unit great honors and the chance for their DNA to move onwards into the breeding cycles. while three of his mechs were destroyed and another two disabled, Star Captain Jay proved that sometimes it is better to be lucky, than good. The jade falcons will call up their reserves, repair and rest, and be ready for the next grand battle that lies in the future

Star Captain Sean (Sean Pitts) of the Wolves also showed why the wolves are always to be feared, with the loss of only one mech in combat, he reigned supreme on the battlefield this day. The loss of one of his legionaires while being field repaired was tragic, but his infantry units have now caught the rest of the forces. Clan Wolf is now ready to prceed to the next battle, safe in the knowledge that they are exactly what the founder envisioned when he created the clans

Star Captain Ed of the Nova Cats fought his best this day, but he was laid low by the Northwind Highlanders as well as some freebirth mercenary scum. the Nova Cats fought long and hard, but by the end of the day ten of their battlemechs had been eliminated and the last two were fleeing the field. It is unknown at this time if Star Captain Ed survived the battle, and if he did whether he will be involved in the next grand battle. Star Captain Sean has Chosen to summon forth the Ghost Bears to replace the loss of the nova cats

Captain Jim Pitts of the Northwind Highlanders once again proved why even after all these centuries the highlanders are a force to be feared, nothing could be done to push them from the field, they fought with honor and tenacity, and even as the overall commander of the colonial forces fell they fought on. even with their small losses, we expect to see the return of the Highlanders in the next grand battle. with forces such as these the colonial reaches of the Federated Suns will stand long and face all enemies

Photo by Jim Pitts

Jim's Highland Longbow pops out of the woods just as three of Ed's Clan mechs pass by. Can you say "Ambush?"

Photo by Jim Pitts

First blood -- the Clans' scout mech is toast.

Photo by Jim Pitts

One of Jim's mechs reveals itself as it fires into Sean's advancing clan mechs. Ed Sansing, Sean Pitts and Jay Stribling came on at the edge of the battlefield. The other players lay in wait for them.

Photo by Jim Pitts

The big scrum between some of Phil's mercenary mechs (foreground) and Ed's Clan mechs (middle ground) with several of Jim's Highland mechs burning in the background.

Photo by Jim Pitts

Jim's Highland Longbow, now joined by a partner, kill one of Ed's Clan mechs.

Photo by Jim Pitts

One of Sean's Clan mechs is finally killed by some of Jim's Highland mechs. I think this was the only mech of Sean's that was destroyed during the encounter.

Photo by Jim Pitts

Jim's Highland command mech (foreground), along with a partner (background), team up to severely damage one of Ed's Clan mechs (the white/gray one).

Photo by Ed Sansing

Jay Stribling, is shown grinning as he broke his long-standing tradition of truly terrible die rolling. In this game a die result of "6" on a D-6 inflicted a hit (sometimes 2 hits) and, depending on the class of Mech, sometimes a "5" was also a hit. Stribling was generating 12 to 16 hits, rolling 24 dice at a time. Glorious!

Bill Hamilton, whose mechs were primary targets for Jay is less than thrilled.

So, Who won this battle?

The slaughter was tremendous with burned out Mechs everywhere, however the alliance of Jim Pitts, Bill Hamilton and Phil Young seem to have come out generally on top - winning the press release battle anyway. The forces that survived the carnage here will re-engage in the next action. The hardest hit units - those of Bill Hamilton and Ed Sansing will be replaced.

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