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Imoria Downloads

Current Version:

This should be the most current version with all the patches applied. Sometimes this may not be true and you will want to go get the newest patches.

icmoria.4.85.22.tar.gz (427k) NEW: Aug 20 2003

icmoria.4.85.21.tar.gz (427k)

icmoria.4.85.20.tar.gz (420k)


patch.4.85.22.gz (1k) Aug 20 2003
Fix the display of water in the map printouts (the P command).

patch.4.85.21.gz (8k) May 23 2002
Patches from John Guthrie (sent in Oct 2001, work got busy):
Correct the Reputation and Swimming values in the character printouts.
Fix the learn_* functions to not segfault when picking new spells.
Fix more problems with enchant armor.
Spell dispel correctly.
Also, NetBSD patches from Ben Wong:
io.c: Use setegid rather than setgid, on NetBSD the latter is final. if anyone notices any permissions problems let me know.
term.c: Changed some includes and a curses call, worked fine on my system.
unix.c: Check for __NetBSD__ rather than unix for NetBSD things.
Also includes his patches for the Makefile and configure.h in the new NetBSD directory.
Plus I added some code to bother to check the length of the DATA_FILE_PATH rather than just trusting people to notice that segfaults are caused by long paths. And I upped the max path length to 170 chars from 60 to accommodate NetBSD packages installed without root access. I hope that is plenty, it was certainly lazy. But at least it checks for overflows now!

patch.4.85.20.gz (4k) Jun 06 2001
Patches from John Guthrie:
Fix help message about what flags exist.
Fix *Enchant Armor* scrolls so they actually enchant armor.
Fix a bunch of item prices in the stores that depended on how identified the item is.
Fix to be smarter about figuring out how many lines are on the screen.
Fix gain_mana() so it does the right thing on even level ups.

patch.4.85.19.gz (3k) Oct 27 2000
Some fixes from cloister: found and fixed a minor druid spell bug, a couple of typo-based item price bugs, and some semi-major time related bugs.

patch.4.85.18.gz (4k) Oct 15 2000
Correctly set random seed in casino so that it does not always play exactly the same games after loading a saved character. Many thanks to Daniel McRae for pointing this out.
A bunch of little things I did back in March that I have forgotten about.

patch.4.85.17.gz (23k) Feb 17 2000
Cloister wrote item_guide.txt, a guide to the treasure_type struct.
Replaced a bunch of constant tvals with horn, chime, instrument, etc.
Fixed spelling in check for Amethyst, now they cost more.
Items inside chests will be created at a level near where the chest was found rather than at the level the chest is opened.
Moved all the potion2 and scroll2 effects into flag2.
Added valuable_gems to things that can be recharged.
wizard_create will let you create anything now (including traps!).

patch.4.85.16.gz (2k) Jan 31 2000
Fixed blessed blades so they set the correct flags.
Fix weapon usage penalties for priests and rangers. Now priests have some and rangers do not.
Fixed number of blows per attack code, integer math can cause terrible rounding errors. Monks will be helped a lot by this.
Fixed genocide, it usually went into an infinite loop.

patch.4.85.15.gz (4k) Jan 07 2000
Fixed bug in starlight/light_line that would crash the game if the light killed a creature before all of the power was used up.
Many thanks to Marc Lehmann for his patch to fix the attr_get call with newer curses. If things are still broken let me know.
Don't just de-trap chests when disarming them, unlock them too.

patch.4.85.14.gz (7k) Dec 22 1999
Added a break; between Storm Giant and Cloud Giant Belts. Oops.
Fixed % full description for empty bags of holding. Do not strcat to a string that has not been set yet!
Added '*' option for resting: rest until mana and hits are at maximum.
Chimes of disarming no longer cause chests to be empty.
When blindness ends show area around character.
Wand of wall building no longer pins creatures that do not move in water. They are in a wall, not water!
Changed most of the floor_type checks to not use literals.
If a monster was in the dark, hit by something and cast teleport on itself then the old position (shown when the monster was hit) was not redrawn.

patch.4.85.13.gz (2k) Dec 18 1999
Fixed a huge problem where items that were removed by putting on something else of the same type did not undo some of the magic bonuses.
Fixed a few item sets that caused crashes if DO_DEBUG was on.
Fixed an off by one problem with the material types of magic items.
Fixed some of the monster death messages.

patch.4.85.12.gz (4k) Dec 13 1999
Fixed another bug in compact_monsters that was fixed in the 4.94 sources. No loops in the list, but it still locked the game up for quite a while.
Show % full on bags of holding.
Interrupt rest when hunger messages are printed. This nearly killed me.
Sort magic/prayer/song books so you they are always in the same order.
Let petrification wear off over time, partly taken from the 4.94 sources.
Fixed message printed by area spells that killed things (monster names were sometimes lost)

patch.4.85.11.gz (4k) Dec 5 1999
Fixed a big problem in compact_monsters that would create loops in the monster list (m_list). This locks up the program fairly fast. Also added USE_CURSES_ATTRS to configure.h to make it easy for the people who have had problems with attr_get(). Some minor graphics fixes including one caused by using the J command (parts of the map were not redrawn correctly).

patch.4.85.10.gz (3k) Oct 14 1998
Now all the data files are checked before ncurses is given control of the screen. This should help all the people who have reported that the game exits with no errors right after starting.
I also added a message if the help file could not be executed so the screen does not just flash.

patch.4.85.9.gz (6k) Oct 12 1998
Finished writing the put/take commands for bags of holding, and fixed two bugs that showed up now that bags can be used.
Also finished the 'I' command (selective inventory) which had also been skipped.
Staves of darkness no longer mess up the screen when used.
Enter can be used to reply to "-more-"
^M is still broken, getch returns 10 (^J) and I don't know why. Use 'V'.

patch.4.85.8.gz (7k) Oct 05 1998
Made output \n\r rather than just \n, should fix messed up output when using help from within the game.
Replaced index call with strchr
Fixed bug in bi__insure_all_items that made the game look like it had hung.

patch.4.85.7.gz (3k) Sep 29 1998
Should fix a problem in monk.c where a for loop should have begun at 0.
Added break; to paladin, druid and priest spells so only one is cast at a time. I don't think I play them very often!

patch.4.85.6.gz (2k) Sep 27 1998
Fixes a crash in the speeded up identify selection code.
Call endwin to clean up ncurses on exit.

Original VMS Pascal version:

I got the original 4.85 source from (seems to be gone now). It is a package of 106 separate files that need to be unpacked with vms_share. If you do not have a vms machine this probably is more trouble than it is worth. If you really want them they are here in a tarball along with a perl script to break them up: imoria.tar.gz (350k).

This is after we converted the files from vms_share and down cased the file names: imoria.4.85.tar.gz (325k)

Steve Kertes:

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