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Boss port for linux

This is a very early alpha release of a port of Boss 2.4.
It compiles, it links, you can save/load games and kill stuff!

The help system is not written, and some wizard commands are unimplemented.

I finished writing skills.c late last night and fixed a few terrible crashes, but there are sure to be more. Using a string literal as the first argument to sprintf is rather silly :)

Here it is:

bossc.2.4.1.tar.gz (290k) March 9, 2000

nifty copyright stuff:

{ Moria Version 5.0     COPYRIGHT (c) Robert Alan Koeneke
                        Public Domain
                   Modified EXTENSIVELY by:
                    Matthew W. Koch   -MWK
                   with minor help from:
                    Kendall R. Sears  -Opusii
                    Russell E. Billings -REB
                    David G. Strubel    -DGS
        I lovingly dedicate this game to hackers and adventurers
        Designer and Programmer : Robert Alan Koeneke
                                  University of Oklahoma
        Assitant Programmer     : Jimmey Wayne Todd
                                  University of Oklahoma
        Moria may be copied and modified freely as long as the above
        credits are retained.  No one who-so-ever may sell or market
        this software in any form without the expressed written consent
        of the author Robert Alan Koeneke.
BOSS version 1.0  by Robert Gulledge
		  and jason black

Steve Kertes:

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