Roleplaying the Corporate Wars of the Future

ZAIBATSU: Roleplaying the Corporate Wars of the Future
by Paul Elliott - 1998
First conceived and written in April 1994 by Paul Elliott
This version revised in April 1998 by Paul Elliott
Playtested by the following hard-ass, cyberpunk dudes:
The Cartwright Cyberpunks
Mike Edwards
Glen Johnson
Gavin McDermott
Phil Parkes
David T. Worthington
The Asylum Gang
Paul Linsdell
Mick Lowe
Dawn Marklew
Nik Marklew
The Zaibatsu Suicide Squad
James Dawkins
Gerry Fernandez
Sandy Lee
Andrew Tonta
Phil Tonta
Peter Uzzell

Thanks to the creative energies of all my poor players, especially to Phil and Dave for being the first (and clocking up the highest body count), and to Gerry for being interested in starting up the Suicide Squad!

Paul Elliott is a freelance writer and long-time (18-year !) roleplayer. He is the author of the books Warrior Cults, Vietnam: Conflict & Controversy, Brotherhoods of Fear, and Assassin! He is currently working on a historical novel. Cyberpunk roleplaying has been his obsession since 1989, but he also indulges in horror and ancient history gaming. Several years ago he wrote the Atomic Horror worldbook, for Steve Jackson Games, and this covered 1950's B-movies.

Any similarity between the fictional companies featured in this game and real, modern day, companies is wholly unintentional. Sorry!

This game would never have got on-line at all if it wasn't for the hard-work, talent and generous spirit of both John De Hope and
Matt Gwinn. Thanks!!