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Destiny Sim

Saturday, June 01, 02

I am sorry to announce that I am closing this site, I will leave the site as it is and I won't be updating it because I have lost interest in The Sims, but I might add some new things from time to time but I can't guarantee anything, thanks for supporting the site for so long.

Sunday, April 14, 02

New link in the sites section, the site name is Sim Finder2000, check that out, and about this site I won't be updating this much because I am going to be busy a few days.

Tuesday, February 19, 02

Don't worry guys, I am not dead yet. I will update the site soon, I am working on 2 sites these days this one and my other site on Resident Evil so I will try my best to put up downloads once or twice.

Sunday, February 17, 02

I just put up a new link, the site name is 'Keeping it Sim-ple'. It is very well organized and the design is good too, if you have time you may want to check it out.

Wednesday, February 13, 02

I have added one roof in the 'Extra' section, please download it since I may use it in some of my houses. I am going to change how I use to update the main page to let you guys know, now it will be like this.

Note: Refresh everytime you come to this site because I update it once in a while. You can refresh either by pressing F5 or by using your browser.

Today's Updates:

*1 New Roof in EXTRA SECTIONS added 2/13/02. Go download it.*


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